The Kansai Paint
Concept of
Corporate Social

On the basis of harmony between business activities and environmental conservation, Kansai Paint aims to be an
industry leader that ranks among the world’s most trusted companies by developing coatings that are markedly superior
in quality, performance, new functionality, and cost performance while at the same time pursuing global business
development with keen awareness of the importance of compliance and risk management. We will contribute to the
development of a sustainable society through these sound, continuous business activities.

Engagement with

In the Kansai Paint Policy and Initiatives with Respect to the Corporate Governance Code,
established on September 25, 2015, the Company has expressed the following stance on the
nature of engagement with stakeholders.

Global environment Products friendly to the global environment Autonomous, proactive environmental conservation initiatives

  • • Realization of comfort and fulfillment for employees
  • • Maintenance of a safe, worker-friendly workplace environment
  • • Respect for character and individuality and fostering of a
    climate that rewards willingness to take on challenges
  • • Support for character and skills development through work
  • • Provision of products with excellent cost performance
    that match customer needs
  • • Provision of safe products and services that deliver high added value
    and have low environmental impacts
Industry groups
  • • Engagement in active interchange and information exchange with
    the industry as a member of the paint and coatings industry
  • • Active contribution to the development of voluntary control regulations for
    the reduction of hazardous substances
  • • Good-faith dealings with all business partners
  • • Establishment and observance of fair and proper trading conditions
and investors
  • • Co-existence and co-prosperity with society
  • • Active interchanges with local communities
  • • Products friendly to the global environment
  • • Autonomous, proactive environmental conservation initiativest

Social Contribution Activities