FUTURE Toward the Next100Years

MessageOur 100th Anniversary

Today we commemorate our 100th Anniversary!

It is a cause for celebration that we reach this historical mark of 100 years of existence in a moment of growth.

On behalf of all our Group employees, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support
of countless peoplein reaching this important milestone,
and to affirm our commitment in using it as a stepping stone for future achievements.

The paint business is recognized as a growth industry, driven by the present and future growth in emerging countries,
and the infrastructure development that inevitably accompanies it.

The environment that surrounds us will continue to be in turmoil, with constant change impacting needs and roles.
We acknowledge that it is critical to respond to these changes.

Nevertheless, people’s desires and aspirations to live a peaceful, comfortable and convenient life remain constant.
And our wish for our new coming 100 years is to help fulfill this ambition, for each and every person.

We are confident that we will be able to accomplish this intention through our operations in the paint business.
But everyone’s happiness will not be achieved only by growth in our existing segments.
We will therefore endeavor to innovate beyond our existing business, in new areas and domains.
By working towards meeting the aspirations of every person,
we will develop both a sense of pride and fulfillment in all our employees for their efforts,
as well as increase our contribution to the society we are a part of.


President and CEOHiroshi Ishino

Establishing the Company Philosophy

Since it was founded in 1918, Kansai Paint has grown over the past 100 years to become a company which conducts business globally. Going forward, the entire group is united in its resolve to continue as a corporate group which contributes to the development of people and societies around the world through business. To achieve this idea, Kansai Paint used its centennial as an opportunity to further strengthen the corporate DNA and established a new group company philosophy.


Mission Statement, Core Values, Behavioral DriversMission Statement, Core Values, Behavioral Drivers


We leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society, in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services, through a competent workforce, built on a culture of Customer Focus, Integrity and Respect to our Stakeholders.



We build strong trust with all stakeholders, by doing the right thing, and by taking decisions that enhance the reputation of the organization in the Society.


We continuously strive to understand and exceed Customer expectations.


We encourage organization members to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions, show commitment to all stakeholders, and accomplish work in an appropriate and efficient manner.


We respect diversity and embrace cultural and individual characteristics of organization members, customers and communities by showing empathy and understanding the viewpoints of distinct beliefs, philosophies and cultures.
We encourage and foster an environment of learning, teamwork and cooperation, that enables the development of all organization members.


We facilitate the emergence of entrepreneurial ideas that have a long-term perspective, originality in thinking, and practicality of execution, taking responsibility to see these ideas through, with ownership at all times.
We shall continue contributing to People and Society by providing sustainable value to all stakeholders.


We pioneer Innovation by engaging our collective wisdom and knowledge to create new value propositions, and continuously strive to generate original and novel solutions for products, services, and work processes.
We experiment in different and groundbreaking ways to deal with value-creation opportunities or challenges, through a deep understanding of the issue at hand.



  • I strive to ensure Quality Assurance and adhere to the “Safety first” principle.
  • I make promises carefully and follow through on them faithfully.
  • I remain honest and trustworthy in all my business transactions .
  • I operate within the letter and spirit of the law and uphold the values and principles of the organization in every action and decision.


  • I understand the current and future needs of Customers, and provide them with the right products, services and solutions.


  • I demonstrate a great sense of responsibility for my own behavior.
  • I accept the facts and acknowledge my mistakes and misunderstandings.
  • I am tenacious in pursuing my goals and objectives


  • I strive to understand of different cultures and diverse backgrounds.
  • I am empathetic and understand concerns of others.
  • I encourage and help others.


  • I show a proactive approach, with ownership of my work
  • I analyze things with a long-term, holistic view.
  • I design action plans with competitive advantage in mind.


  • I continuously challenge stereotypes and assumptions and try out new things.
  • I pursue new ideas and processes whilst respecting rules and principles.
  • I explore and identify new added-value opportunities for society.

A Vision for the Next 100 Years

Going farther through the power of chemistry. Bringing happiness closer. Going farther through the power of chemistry. Bringing happiness closer.

The desire of people to live peacefully in society and enjoy an abundant and convenient lifestyle is borderless and universal.
 “Hardware x Heart” We will contribute to society by designing the future environment which will make people and society smile.

Thanks to the support of many people, the company marked the 100th anniversary of its founding on May 17, 2018. By applying the knowledge, know-how, and experience previously cultivated as a coating material manufacturer, we will expand beyond coating materials to fully unlock the “unlimited potential possessed by the power of chemistry to create 1 from 0 and multiply it to 100.
” In addition to the “color” and “protection” provided by the coating materials created with our advanced technologies, we help create the joy of living and moments of deep emotion for people. Providing a new set of values through not only “hardware” but also “heart” to design the environment of the future is our social contribution for the next 100 years.

  • Contributions which conserve the planet

    In addition to energy conservation and the development of new resources, we contribute to infrastructure growth and stability. These contributions also protect our lifestyles.

  • Contributions which protect our way of life

    The rise in air temperatures and the increase in heatstroke due to global warming as well as the outbreak of unknown viruses as the world becomes interconnected. We help protect the affluence and comfort of people’s lifestyles.

  • Contributions which enrich the heart

    We help create the joy of living and moments of deep emotion for people. We provide tenderness to children and the elderly, relieve stress, demonstrate individuality, and help enrich people's hearts.

Centennial Project

Launch of new Kansai Paint Global Corporate Brand

Background of new Corporate Brand introduction

About 30 years have passed since Kansai Paint’s previous corporate brand - ALESCO - wasestablished, and it was successful in raising a level of awareness, mainly in Japan.
However, as our operations expanded globally, other corporate brands were being used at each of Kansai Paint Group companies. A need was felt for a new corporate brand to be developed, so it could be shared and used throughout the entire group at the same time as it celebrated its 100th anniversary.