1918 May Foundation of the company in Amagasaki City
1926 Aug Launch of CELVA, the first ever lacquer produced in Japan
1933 Jun Opening of the Tokyo office and plant
1950 Apr Completion of the head office building in Osaka
1960 Nov Opening of Hiratsuka plant
1961 Nov Opening of Nagoya plant
1965 Apr Completion of the Technical Research Center in Hiratsuka
Jul Establishment of United Paints Pte. Ltd. (now Kansai Paint (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.), a joint venture in Singapore
1968 Nov Establishment of Thai Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Thailand


1971 Jul Opening of Kanuma Plant
1974 May Establishment of Kansai Paint H.K.Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong
Jul Launch of ASCA, a waterborne air-drying synthetic resin coating
1985 Oct Launch of FANTAC, a marking film
Nov Establishment of Taiwan Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Taiwan
1986 May Completion of the Colour Research Center (now Colour Designing & Development Laboratory) in Hiratsuka
Sept Launch of SONNE EDUV, an electrodeposited photoresist for printed circuit boards
1987 Feb Establishment of Kansai Paint (America), Inc.
Jun Launch of ALESCO, a new corporate brand
Dec Establishment of KDK Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Korea
1989 Jun Completion of the Application Technology Center (now Application Technology Laboratory) in Hiratsuka


1990 Aug Establishment of DuPont-Kansai Automotive Coatings Inc., a joint venture in America
Oct Establishment of Kansai Paint Europe Ltd., an overseas subsidiary and commencement operation
1992 Jan Establishment of Tianjin Kansai Paint & Chemicals Co., Ltd, a joint venture in Tianjin, China
Nov Opening of the Ono plant
1994 Mar Establishment of Shenyang Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd., a joint venture in Shenyang, China
Jun Establishment of Auto Refinishing Center in Hiratsuka
Dec Establishment of Tianjin Beacon Kansai Paint & Chemicals Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Tianjin, China
1995 Feb Establishment of Chongqing Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Chongqing,China
Feb Establishment of Hunan Kansai Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Changsa, China
1996 Apr Establishment of Kansai Resin (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand
Sept Development of KP PEARL, carrier beads that immobilize biocatalysts of microorganisms designed for advanced wastewater treatment
1997 Apr Launch of the company website
Jun Publication of the first pamphlet on “Geophysical Environmental Matters”
1998 Apr Establishment of Auto Refinishing Center West in Amagasaki
1999 Feb Completion of the Technology & Products Development Laboratory in Hiratsuka
Apr Establishment Tokyo Technical & Business Office
Sept Started marketing of SONNE LDI (Laser Direct Image) for PDP
Oct Acquisition of Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd. in India as a subsidiary
Oct Development of technology to recycle PET bottles as raw materials for paint


2000 Jan Development of the first waterborne basecoat for automotive refinishing in Japan
Oct Acquisition of the ISO 14001 certification of all Kansai plants in Japan
Dec Establishment of PT Kansai Paint Indonesia, a joint venture in Indonesia
2001 Apr Establishment of ECOSYSTEMS, a joint venture with Nippon Paint
Oct Establishment of NOF KANSAI Marine Coatings Co., Ltd.
2002 Apr Establishment of Kansai Paint Philippines, Inc., a joint venture in the Philippines
Apr Acquisition of Sime Kansai Paint Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia as a subsidiary
Jul Establishment of Kansai Paint Sales Co., Ltd.
2004 Nov Establishment of PPG Kansai Automotive Finishes, a joint venture in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom
2005 Jan Opening of a new plant for the production of waterborne coatings in Nagoya plant
Apr Change of company name from NOF KANSAI Marine Coatings Co., Ltd. to NKM Coatings
2006 Apr Agreement to an exclusive contract for selling PPG Japan automotive refinish paints in Japan
2007 Apr Acquisition of NKM Coatings Co., Ltd., Guanzhou Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., Kansai Paint Philippines, Inc. as subsidiaries
Oct Acquisition of Akzo Nobel Industrial and Automotive Coatings Industry and Trade A.S Turkey
2008 Mar Completion of and transfer to the new head office
2009 Jun Merging of Kansai Paint Sales Co., Ltd. and Kanpe Kyohan Kyusyu Co., Ltd., and Kanpe Kyohan Shikoku Co., Ltd.
Aug Merging of Kansai Paint Sales Co,. Ltd. and Kanpe Kyohan Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
Oct Establishment of Kanpe Ako Co., Ltd.


2010 Apr Acquisition of Kansai Paint (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary
Sep Establishment of Kansai Paint (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
2011 Jan Establishment of Chongqing Alesco Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.
Apr Acquisition of Freeworld Coatings Ltd. as a subsidiary
Dec Establishment of Kansai Alphanam Paint Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary
2012 Apr Acquisition of Kansai Paint Sales Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned subsidiary
Apr Acquisition of PT Kansai Prakarsa Coatings as a subsidiary
May Establishment of COSCO Kansai Paint & Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Aug Completion of the new office building in Tokyo Technical & Business Office
Oct Acquisition of Kansai Paints Nepal Pvt., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
2013 Apr Opening of Kanpe Colour Center Co., Ltd.
Jun Establishment of DNT Kansai Mexicana S.A. de C.V., as a joint venture in Mexico
Jul Acquisition of Astra Industries Ltd. in Zimbabwe as a subsidiary
2014 Apr Establishment of Zhaoqing Kansai Shenglian Powder Coating & Technology Co., Ltd.
May Acquisition of Kansai PLC Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia as a consolidated subsidiary
2015 Jan Establishment of Japan Power Coating Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Jul Establishment of Kansai Paints Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
Aug Establishment of Kansai Paint Myanmar Co., Ltd.
2016 Aug Consolidated U.S.Paint Corp. in U.S.A.
Oct Consolidated Sancora Paint group in Malaysia.
Dec Invested in Polisan Boya in Turkey.
2017 Feb Invested in SIPCO in Saudi Arabia.
Mar Acquired Helios group as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Aug Consolidated companies in East Africa.
2018 Apr Acquired Marpol Pvt.Ltd. in India as a consolidated subsidiary.
May Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding.
Jul Acquired Rak Paints Pvt.Ltd. in Bangladesh as a consolidated subsidiary.