Color Matching System

In the process of identifying a particular car’s color, color matching is the foundation of the automotive refinish paint industry.
Big Van Global is a system compiling the paint color formulations we have gathered from around the globe in order to provide all the necessary information to the people who need it.
We have globally expanded our GCN system which incorporates global color trends, and ABI2 which is centered on the Japanese automakers that are Kansai Paint’s specialty.
We also offer fan deck products that are specifically designed for each region of the world where the group companies of Kansai Paint are located. In order to deliver color formulations that will satisfy our customers worldwide, we work day in and day out to enrich the content of our business.

Big Van Global

Our customers can easily access the over 100,000 color formulations offered by Kansai Paint. With just a few hints, our online system lets you find the color and formulation you desire. For customers without internet access, we regularly issue a CD carrying data to assist you in making your selections.

Big Van Global


These color charts center on Japanese automotive brands of which Kansai Paint holds an overwhelming share of the market. By employing our Big Van System to analyze records of color formulations used worldwide, we have created a color chart reflecting the latest information on the most frequently used formulations.

This product delivers the highest quality and most up-to-date color information to clients who mainly refinish Japanese-manufactured automobiles.


This new product focuses on non-Japanese automotive brands and utilizes the knowledge and experience we have accumulated through ABI and the Big Van System. The compact color cards are organized by color wheel and were developed in conjunction with Kansai Paint’s full-scale overseas expansion. This user-friendly product places primary importance on optimizing the color matching process.

An essential part of color matching operations at any jobsite, the GCN color cards have carefully selected, from colors distributed in markets worldwide, 3,200 colors from 42 automobile manufacturers. This is an exceptionally easy-to-use product designed for all body shops.

With a focus on global business, 69% of the colors adopted in GCN are from non-Japanese manufacturers with the Japanese auto manufacturers that are Kansai Paint’s strong point making up the rest. This allows us to support an even more diverse range of colors.