Good work is not achieved simply by having the tools and products.
You need the right people for the job in order to fully harness a product’s potential and increase the customers’ level of satisfaction. At our Auto Refinish Center (ARC), we have put together a team of vastly experienced and highly knowledgeable expert instructors to carry out personnel training and raise the level of your employees’ skills. Based on an educational policy which gives importance to thorough training in basic operations and learning through failure, all of our courses are conducted in small classes of 3 to 4 members to ensure solid results are achieved.
These courses are designed for instructing new employees in painting and color matching, improving the technical skill of mid-level technicians, and training your own in-house instructors. Founded on our rich experience, we also offer popular optional courses that accurately address customer needs.
Through our comprehensive training program, we, at Kansai Paint, provide the utmost level of support for our customers’ employee training.


In order to achieve ultimate quality, skill in applying undercoats is essential. At Kansai Paint, we offer a program for maintaining the world’s highest level of quality and carry out training designed for all employees, from beginners to those looking to increase their skills.


Designed for the inexperienced, here we cover paint/painting basics and carefully assist customers in acquiring skills for blocking and fade-out painting with solid, metallic, and pearl colors.

Using this training as a starting point, we have prepared a variety of courses to meet our customers’ needs in taking their skills to the next level.

Color Matching

This curriculum is designed for steadily improving one’s skill in color matching, which is a common source of frustration in automotive refinish. Offering instruction in color matching theory and practical application, the program targets both customers without experience, as well as those hoping to acquire highly complex color matching skills in 3-coat finishes, highly-saturated colors, and more.


Kansai Paint professionals are capable of providing guidance in both color matching and painting. For those who cannot undertake training in Japan, we employ an OJT system to help customers find solutions to issues at their jobsite. As a result, we have succeeded in introducing detailed, high-precision Japanese quality around the globe.


This highly-evaluated course was created to address individual customer needs. Here, we communicate in-depth about the issues and goals our customers hope to tackle and offer customized training in response.