Contribution to a Comfortable and Secure Life

Approach to CSR

Our basic philosophy is contained in Article 1 of our Corporate Mission, which is, “To further build company credibility with the public and to contribute to society by providing products and services that achieve customer satisfaction.” In keeping with this spirit, our CSR is founded on the following two principles: 1. Continuing to provide customers with stable-quality products and services while maintaining safe and eco-friendly operations; 2. Continuing to provide people with fulfilling and comfortable lives and enriched minds through the things we make.
We in this group, along with everyone involved with us, will continue working to support the growth of people and society based on these CSR foundations, striving to foster a spirit of harmony, respect and cooperation in all we do.

Based on the above ideas, we have drawn up basic policies covering all stages of our work, from R&D and the procurement of materials to the production, sales and distribution of products. And we have put in place regulations, tenets, systems, and other initiatives based on these, which form the core of our business activities.

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