Philosophy / Policy

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

The Kansai Paint Group’s management philosophy is to “contribute to society by providing products and services that satisfy our customers.” We believe that increasing the satisfaction of our customers through the coatings business, which is the core business of the Group, is the foundation and reason for the Group’s existence, and that our commitment to contributing to the society at large by enhancing the corporate value through the realization of customer satisfaction enables the Group to contribute to its stakeholders including the shareholders, business partners, employees and local community.
Corporate governance is regarded as an important management task in order to realize continuous improvement of corporate value. In order to ensure that the concept of “profit and fairness,” the cornerstone of our corporate activities, is understood and acted upon by Group officers and employees, we will work toward improved awareness through putting into effect various measures.

Kansai Paint Group Corporate Philosophy
(Established on May 17, 2018)

Kansai Paint Group Corporate Philosophy (Established on May 17, 2018)

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Kansai Paint Group Corporate Philosophy (Established on May 17, 2018)

Compliance Promotion

To comply with laws and regulations and fulfill our corporate social responsibility, Kansai Paint has established the Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Code of Behavior and clearly set out conduct guidelines that make “profit and fairness” the cornerstone of corporate activities. We also distribute a corporate ethics handbook and continuously provide compliance education according to the situation. Furthermore, we have set up a consultation desk for reporting compliance violations and appropriately deal with any reports through accurate information collection and disclosure.

Risk Management

The Company established the Crisis Management Committee for the purpose of preventing and responding to risks that may have a significant impact on the business and has formulated the Risk Management Guidelines and Risk Management Manual and is developing a risk management system to respond to various potential risks.In addition, the Company has prepared the Action Manual to prepare against identified risks taking into consideration the nature and characteristics of the business and constantly strives to operate and maintain a risk management system to rapidly obtain information about crises, whether in Japan or overseas, ascertain the situation, and take appropriate response measures.

Information Management

To ensure the legality of the business activities of Group companies and promote efficient operation, the Company properly handles and collects information necessary for the conduct of business activities and correctly records and retains the results in accordance with laws and regulations. To increase the transparency of business activities, the Company endeavors to disclose in an accurate and timely manner matters stipulated by laws and regulations, important information concerning business management, and information useful to society relating to business activities except for information recognized as trade secrets under normal social conventions.