When we got a call from Le Creuset South Africa recently to collaborate with them on Instagram, we were very happy to oblige.


Le Creuset is a French cookware manufacturer best known for its colorfully-enameled cast-iron cookware “French ovens”, also known as “casseroles” or “Dutch ovens”. The company also makes many other types of cookware, from sauce pans to tagines. Le Creuset was founded in 1925 in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France.


The Instagram takeover was very much a team effort between Le Creuset and Plascon, and the beautiful photographs and styling were done by Kerstin Eser, who is a décor consultant in Cape Town. Carmen Kosterman from our social media team came up with the lovely taglines and image descriptions.


We took our inspiration from the Connect theme from the 2016 Colour Forecast. Connect contrasts the modern and minimal design that has become popular over the years by introducing bright, bold colour with geometric forms and abstract collage. Inspired by the Memphis art movement, Connect embodies playfulness and experimentation.


Here is a day by day account of what the Instagram take-over looked like.


Enjoy the inspiration!


First up, Ruby Tuesday (R5-.B2-2) collides with a heart-shaped Cherry Red Le

Creuset casserole to create a match made in colour heaven.



Coffee break! A soft palette of subtle shades of pink pairs beautifully with moody Dark

Onyx (Essential Collection 42) to create a calm and inviting relaxation corner perfect for a

home workspace.



A dash of sunny colour in the form of a utensil holder is the perfect way to add some zest

to the kitchen. Bold wall colour provides the perfect contemporary backdrop.



Summertime Citrus! Plascon’s Colour of the Year for 2016 is Atlantic Beach (B5-B1-1), an

intense blue that is inspired by the coastal energy of Brazil. We love the contrast with

bright splashes of yellow.



Party planning ahead! Create gorgeous table settings with a mix of crisp tones of green,

cool turquoise and soft neutrals.



New Meadow (Y7-A1-3) artfully fuses both muted and bolder tones.



Golf Greens (G4-A1-1) is an invigorating shade of green that imbues a spaces with a

sense of energy and motion. Taken from the CONNECT theme of the 2016 Colour

Forecast, CONNECT is upbeat,bold and endlessly confident.



Wash the winter blues away with this lovely sunny inspiration! Panorama Lights (Y4-A1-2)

instantly brightens up a space.



What’s in the mix? Contrast springtime colour with charcoal to create a bold colour




Light Reflection (Y6-A2-3) provides the ideal backdrop for rainbow-hued colour. Choose

between a beautiful matt finish with Plascon Cashmere or a slight sheen finish with

Plascon’s Double Velvet.



Teatime delight – a pop of cherry red is perfectly complemented by soft pink and dark grey hues.



Here is to a holiday season full of vibrant colour. Velvaglo water-based is perfect to use in your kitchen.