Painting A Better Tomorrow

Start Date: 22nd September 2015
End Date: 3rd October 2015
Location: Quang Binh Province, Vietnam
Goal: Repainting of an impoverished school and the creation of ideal conditions for students to be creative with paint and colour.


Besides supplying products that are friendly towards the environmental and consumers’ health, the Kansai Paint Group has continuously striven to contribute to social activities in many of the countries that we have a presence in.  “Painting A Better Tomorrow” has been Kansai Alphanam’s CSR tagline since 2015.  The focus of Kansai Alphanam’s CSR activities is to repaint many schools in impoverished areas in Vietnam every year in order to provide children we cleaner and better schools in which to learn.  The aim of becoming a humane corporation and commitment to support educational activities will be further boosted in future CSR activities.


Kansai has organised to repaint the Mai Hoa Secondary School with the cost of the paint at nearly 100 million Vietnamese Dong paid for by Kansai.  In addition to this Kansai has awarded 3,500 notebooks for the Mai Hoa Secondary School (Tuyen Hoa District) and Hai Thanh Secondary School (Dong Hoi city).  Please find the link to our youtube video below:



“Painting A Better Tomorrow” is a symbol of hope with people standing together holding hands for a better tomorrow.  Kansai Alphanam would like to put their utmost effort into helping students fulfill their potential and enjoy their school experience.