Colour Technology & Colour Design

Colour Technology & Colour Design

Paint has two goals that it needs to fulfil; one is to protect the coated object and the other is to give added value to the product provided by the paint’s aesthetically pleasing colour properties, which can affect human psychology. This is especially relevant as in the modern world a strong emphasis is placed upon “sensitivity”, and the consumer expectation for high quality paint is getting stronger and stronger in many societies across the world.

However, beauty alone does not make the paint. Paint must be beautiful on the one hand and on the other its desired functions must perform well under harsh conditions for a long period of time. In many cases, despite the paint’s desirable colour, it cannot be produced commercially due to its poor performance and poor durability in practical usage. In the colour research and design laboratories at Kansai Paint, designers and chemists work together in an attempt to improve both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the paint.

Moreover, to create a pleasant living and working environment, Kansai Paint creates positive colour designs such as “stress-free office colours”, and “elderly-friendly colours”. These efforts have been recognized by various organizations with reputable awards and as such we are confident that our product can deliver. The world of “colour” tends to be perceived only by sensitivity or sentiment, but in actuality it is backed by sound logic and reasoning.



Our global colour concept for this year is "Alone but not Lonely". We developed colours for automobiles based on a theme that was born from a trend that we want to be a part of someone’s life and society by making social contribution but we also like being alone.


    This period can be summed up with the words "Self-centric."
    We developed colours for automobiles based on this theme, which is well-suited to an era when people can live self-centeredly.


    The Global concept for this year is "What’s Happiness?"
    We decided colours for automobiles based on a theme suitable for “the time(era?) reconsider what makes me happy