The Mosquito-repellent paint “Kansai Anti-Mosquito Paint” was featured in SDGs-themed online English lecture and writing correction service for junior and senior high school students

June 11, 2020 | Japan

Contribution to a comfortable and secure life

AMP is a paint that focuses on the mosquito's habit of staying on the wall. When a mosquito touches the wall coated AMP; its nervous system is paralyzed, reducing the ability to bite or fly far and eventually it is knocked down. This feature is expected to contribute to the prevention of infectious diseases that spread especially through mosquitoes such as malaria.

Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes and spreads, 216 million people cases annually worldwide, with approximately 440,000 deaths annually (2016). The worst affected areas are the sub-Saharan African nations, which have caused devastating damage to infants and pregnant women, especially under five years of age, and has become a serious international issue.

Keirinkan's service "Writing Method -Advanced-" has corresponded to The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In one of the columns in the textbook feature our initiative to supplement the background knowledge of the goal, “Good Health and Well-being”. It is played up that we promoted the spread of AMP in The Republic of Zambia, where malaria has become a social issue and introduced our attitudes and efforts toward eliminating malaria.