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The mission of The Kansai Paint Group is to "leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society, in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services" and tackle with various issues through our business.

Our Efforts for Sustainability

We are actively engaged in sustainability activities in order to keep succeeding the better global environment.

2022/04/07 Slovenia

Environmental awareness along KANSAI HELIOS products – classified under A+

HELIOS TBLUS successfully developed the Helios Spektra interior wall paint, which already proudly holds the A+ classification and is sold in over ten countries. Based on the emissions, the quantity of volatile organic compound (VOC) released in the air ranges from Class C, with the highest percentage of VOC, to A+, which guarantees healthier air.

2022/04/04 Slovenia

Helios Resins are certified by ISCC Plus

HELIOS Resins, a special business unit within the KANSAI HELIOS Group, has been awarded with the ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certificate in September 2021. They now offer a range of polyester resins, made from sustainable raw materials that are certified in all parts of the value chain back to the point of origin.

2022/03/16 Hyogo prefecture, Japan

Kansai Paint provided a special lesson on "Kansai Paint's initiatives for SDGs“ at junior high school

Our special lesson was held at Hirota Junior High School in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture on March 16th, and we introduced "Kansai Paint’s initiatives for SDGs".