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The mission of The Kansai Paint Group is to "leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society, in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services" and tackle with various issues through our business.

Our Efforts for Sustainability

We are actively engaged in sustainability activities in order to keep succeeding the better global environment.

December 11~18, 2021 Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture, Japan

Providing paint to Amagasaki Tunnel Art Project

Kansai Paint provided paints to “Amagasaki Tunnel Art Project”. The project was carried out by Amagasaki city in response to a suggestion from residents who wanted to brighten up the elevated tunnel. With the help of the students of the art club of Amagasaki Municipal Osho Junior High School, a mural was painted on the tunnel.

July 24, 2021 Hong Kong

Kansai Paint supports underprivileged youths of Hong Kong through sports

Kansai Paint has been the title sponsor of one of the basketball team in “WELL DUNK!” programme organized by the InspiringHK Sports Foundation.

July 30, 2021 Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Donation of "anti-virus partition". To support infection control at COVID-19 vaccination site

Kansai Paint donated "anti-virus partition" adopting Kansai Paint's original plaster paint technology to The Kamata Medical Association (Ota-ku, Tokyo) on July 29 to support measures to prevent COVID-19 infection at the vaccination site.