Measures for Diversity

Our HR system (basic principles)

In order to develop new human resources capable of responding flexibly to changes in the times, Kansai Paint has established an HR system based on the principle of “invigoration of individuals and organizations.” We work to put in place environments enabling employees to give full play to their abilities, providing a substantial pool of power that will help invigorate the organization as a whole. In addition, we also aim to achieve a proactive corporate climate which nurtures “independence and autonomy” by encouraging all employees to think and act on their own initiative, and to take responsibility for their own actions, and in which everyone receives a fair evaluation of their efforts. These two points form the basic principles of our HR system, which we established in the hope of becoming an attractive and competitive corporation centered on people.

Human resource development concept and structure

We conduct human resource development in a systematic and planned manner with the following objectives:

1. To achieve our management goals by continuously developing the human resources needed for future business operations and those who can adapt to various changes in the corporate environment.
2. To create an organizational culture that allows individuals to develop their abilities and achieve self fulfillment autonomously, and to match the life goals of individuals with the goals of the company.
3. To ensure the development of human resources and the placement of the right people in the right positions through the early detection of aptitude and the appropriate evaluation of individual careers, etc., and to revitalize the organization.

Systematically organized training system

The President assumes ultimate responsibility for the development of human resources, and the General Manager of the Human Resources Department oversees human resource development for the entire company under the direction of the President. As shown in the diagram below, the person in charge of carrying out human resource development is placed under the direction of the General Manager of the Human Resources Department.

Human resource development system

Promotion of motivation/sense of achievement among employees

Coping in the age of the new normal

Flexible worker-friendly environments prevent employees from having to work long hours and allow for diverse workstyles, enabling employees to strike a balance between work and childcare/caregiving. This, we believe, helps increase motivation among employees and gives them a fuller sense of achievement. We are working to create an environment where employees with diverse backgrounds can work in good health and with peace of mind by offering a range of perks. These include flextime systems, teleworking, incentives for early return to work after childcare leave, counseling before and after maternity leave, contracts with company-led childcare facilities, and the possibility of introducing intervals between work hours through cooperation between labor and management. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded the scope of our teleworking system, switching over to mobile computers and providing communication devices to create a healthy and safe work environment.

Selected as a DC Excellent Company

The Institute for DC Pension Plan Investment Education of Japan, a non-profit organization, annually recognizes companies for their diligent efforts in managing defined contribution pension plans. At the 10th Japan DC Forum held by the institute in July 2021, our company was selected as a DC Excellent Company 2021 (Governance Category) and received an award. Since the introduction of our defined contribution pension plan in April 2017, we have been holding the DC Management Review Committee twice a year, which consists of both labor and management members, to confirm and review the status of the plan's fundamentals, such as monitoring trends among subscribers and products. In fact, we have added products in response to requests from the labor union, and we received this award in recognition of our management of our pension plan from the perspective of subscribers.

U.S. subsidiary selected for the Top Workplaces 2020 award

Our subsidiary, U.S. Paint Corporation (Missouri, U.S.A.), was selected for the Top Workplaces 2020 award based on the results of a survey conducted by a newspaper in Missouri.

Promotion of diversity

We respect people's diverse cultures and individuality, and aim to provide an environment and opportunities for each employee to learn from one another in mutual respect, and lead a fulfilling life where they are free to be themselves. We believe that if any employee can maximize his or her abilities, it will lead to innovation and value creation. In other words, promoting diversity is one of the key elements of a company's growth strategy.
Our global group aims to promote diversity and develop global human resources. To this end, we launched the KPJ Training Program in 2015 to receive trainees from overseas group companies in Japan, and the Oversea Training Program in 2017 to dispatch young employees in Japan to overseas group companies. In FY2020, both programs were cancelled due to the global spread of COVID-19. However, three trainees who came to Japan in the autumn of 2019 under the KPJ Training Program for a year of training have successfully completed their scheduled training period while giving top priority to their health and safety. All trainees were united in their strong desire to see their training through to the end, despite the pandemic. Before returning home, a presentation session was held to showcase their achievements.
In light of the pandemic, the session was held online for the first time, connecting the three domestic offices and three overseas group companies to which the trainees belong. In their presentations, they not only provided an overview of what they learned during training and how they would like to put this to use in their own countries, but also shared their experiences of the living environments for Muslims in Japan and information on Japanese language schools, so that staff at overseas group companies who wish to come to Japan as trainees in the future can get a better picture of life in Japan. The presentations were also attended by personnel from the human resources department and staff from overseas group companies, as well as Kansai Paint's staff in charge of trainees, making it an opportunity to build relationships between Japan and overseas.
We will continue to facilitate human resource exchanges with the aim of promoting diversity and developing global human resources.

  • We set a workplace prayer space for Muslim trainees.
Equal opportunities for women in the workplace

We have positioned equal opportunities for women in the workplace as the first step in the promotion of diversity. This begins with the provision of support to aspiring female employees who wish to strike a balance between career advancement and raising children, meaning that they do not have to abandon their careers due to life events. In FY2020, we implemented the following measures to help ensure that women do not have to abandon their careers due to childbirth.

1) Counselling before maternity leave and before returning to work
With a career consultant from the Human Resources Department, female employees are asked to review their career and clarify their vision for the future before going on maternity leave. Before returning to work, they have another meeting, during which their supervisor is also present, to see if there are any changes in their vision and to discuss a flexible working style necessary to balance work and child-rearing. Recently, many of our employees have been using teleworking as a way to return to work, making for a smooth transition back into the workplace.

2) Incentives for early return to work after childcare leave
In the Tokyo metropolitan area, it continues to be difficult to enroll children in daycare facilities, and for this reason, more and more employees are returning to work before April, when the new academic year for daycare facilities begins. For those employees who return to work before their children turn one year old, we have started to provide support money as a measure to help them cope with various challenges, such as child illness. This benefit is already being paid out to employees returning to work in 2020.

3) Contracts with company-led daycare centers
We have introduced a company-led daycare center service to prevent women from being unable to return to work if they have difficulty enrolling their children in a licensed daycare center. Employees can search for available company-led daycare centers in the area where they want to leave their child, and are given priority for admission.
Some employees immediately took advantage of this service and returned to work after leaving their children at a company-led daycare center.
In the future, we will go beyond simply creating a comfortable working environment for female employees, and will take steps to systematically promote initiatives to nurture female managers. We are also beginning to create an environment where it is easy for men to take childcare leave.

Creating an environment that supports work-life balance

We help employees to balance work with childcare. Systems designed to support employees with childcare responsibilitiesinclude childcare leave, and the reduction of working hours until children graduate from elementary school.

Ensuring health and safety

Occupational safety and health activities

In order to ensure that each and every one of our employees, Kansai Paint's treasured assets, can work safely and in good health, Furukawa Hidenori, Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, is in overall charge of various occupational health and safety activities, including environmental safety and health inspections conducted by a central HSE manager (General Manager of the Production Division) and a team of experts. In the case of COVID-19, we have implemented countermeasures against infectious diseases and continued various safety activities while avoiding the 3Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings). As in the previous year, one accident occurred that required an employee to take time off work. We will continue working to eradicate accidents from the group by making ongoing improvements to our safety activities, and fostering the kind of workplace culture in which all employees are aware of the dangers and are able to warn their colleagues about them.

Change in the number of occupational accidents (Japan)

Change in the frequency of occupational accidents (Japan)

Change in the severity of occupational accidents (Japan)

Health management

The Environmental and Health Subcommittee was established within the Environmental Safety and Health Committee as a dedicated organization that engages in health management for employees of Kansai Paint Group. It works to improve mental health care for employees, mainly through Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, in accordance with the Mental Health Promotion Plan. We have also instituted a system for following up on employees diagnosed with medical conditions after periodic health examinations and are striving to maintain and promote the health of employees.

We conduct the following mental health training:

Trainees Training content
New employees Self-care
Newly appointed supervisors Line care and self-care
Employees newly transferred overseas Self-care
Serving supervisors Line care and harassment

Respect for human rights and harmony with the community

Corporate Code of Behavior: Policy

Based on the fundamental principle that a company exists for the happiness of society and human beings, the Kansai Paint Group will maintain a healthy work environment free from harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, age, gender, religion, family background, physical handicaps, etc., which have no direct bearing on the execution of business activities.

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)

Our subsidiary in the Republic of South Africa respects and complies with the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) program, and is committed to assisting local communities through educational support for the children of local employees and other initiatives.

Approaches to human rights issues from a corporate perspective

As a member of the Corporate Federation for Dowa and Human Rights Issue, Osaka; the Industrial Federation for Human Rights, Tokyo; and the Osaka City Businessman Right Promotion Conference,* we are actively participating in the projects of each of these organizations and in training sessions held by the government.
*In FY2021, our company was commended by this council as a company of merit.

Respect for basic labor rights

We recognize the right of labor union members to organize, bargain collectively and take other collective actions, and strive to resolve various issues by promoting dialogue
between labor and management.

Activities to promote human rights awareness

We carry out internal activities to raise employees' awareness of human rights by providing opportunities to bring issues to their attention through various case studies at training sessions for new employees and managers, as well as through our internal portal site.
We respect the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. During Human Rights Week, which runs from December 4 to 10 every year as set out in the declaration, we solicit human rights slogans from within the company, for which we receive about 1,000 submissions every year.
We select and award the best entries from among these, and display them within the company.