Contribution to a Comfortable and Secure Life

Improving the value of products and services

Customer relations

In March 2020, the new Daido University campus in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, adopted TAIKA TECT, the group's new fire-resistant covering material, for a corridor connecting campus buildings over a road, as well as for the external round columns that support the buildings. TAIKA TECT is water-resistant, making it possible to use fireproof coating material on the exterior, which was previously difficult. In addition, the use of a highly weather-resistant fluoropolymer resin coating for the top coat maintains the beauty and soundness of the building over the long term. Even in the event of a fire, the fireproof coating will provide more than one hour of evacuation time, allowing students to enjoy campus life with peace of mind.

Safety of products and services

Provision of product safety information to logistics providers and customers

Paint becomes a coating film when it is applied by the user, and only then can it demonstrate its functions. Even safe products can lead to accidents if they are not used properly and in the correct manner. Therefore, we provide information on hazards and precautions for the safe handling of our products through SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and labels. We prepare SDS and labels in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, JIS standards, and the guidebook published by the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association, an industry organization, and add any other necessary information to ensure that customers can use our products safely.

Technology development and product development

Classification of development theme content

48 out of 107 medium-term themes and 18 out of 18 long-term themes are development themes that lead to added value for the environment and society.
We emphasize efforts to both reduce our environmental footprint and create new values. As part of our drive to become more environmentally friendly, we are working together with our customers to promote future themes. For example, we are developing and promoting paints that reduce the energy used for air conditioning in automobile paint booths, a source of CO2 emissions, as well as paints that reduce the number of times a coating film needs to be baked. In addition, we are searching for new values and businesses, such as the development of materials to improve the efficiency of batteries, which are indispensable for EVs and hybrid vehicles in the future. We are also developing and marketing various products that contribute to health as a new value creation.

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