For more than a century since its establishment in 1918, the Kansai Paint Group has been providing technologies cultivated in the paint and coating business.
Our founder, IWAI Katsujiro, was a manager with an ESG perspective, someone who emphasized manufacturing and trustworthy relationships, as well as long-term outlooks and social contributions.
Today, the Kansai Paint Group continues to live up to this spirit. With this as our driving force, we will take on the challenge of creating new value and solving global issues.

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Based on the mission and objectives in Group Mission Statement, the Kansai Paint Group has identified important items (Materiality) to focus on in order to keep providing value and contribute to the development of people and society.

Relationship between the values of materiality and ESG/SDGs



Relevant SDGs

Realizing decarbonization


Achieve carbon-neutral as a whole Group by 2050

  • ・ Based on the long-term vision, change the energy type used from a decarbonization point of view (non-fossil fuel, renewable energy, next generation energy, etc.)
  • ・ Drastically reduce the energy used by optimizing the business activities from a medium-term perspective
  • ・ Reduce CO2 emission throughout the whole product lifecycle, in collaboration with our customers and suppliers
  • ・ Transform energy usage, taking into account capital investment opportunities


Improvement of Quality of Life


Improve QOL of all stakeholders (society, users, suppliers, employees, etc.)

  • ・ Improve people's QOL by making the whole of society beautiful and strong with painting/coating
  • ・ Improve users’ QOL by providing the paints that contribute to health and hygiene.
  • ・ Improve the safety of users, suppliers and employees, by establishing an appropriate occupational safety and health environment and working environment.
  • ・ Contribute to reducing negative health effects (high temperature damage, deterioration of hygiene, etc.) related to climate change


Enhancement of achieving resources and economic circulation


Review the whole lifecycle of paint, effectively utilize resources, and sophisticate the circular economy

  • ・ Sophisticate the quality of resource circulation in the whole of society by reviewing all phases, including raw material procurement, production, usage, and the painted finished goods
  • ・ Aim for a “Breakthrough” in the balance of resource circulation and economic circulation
  • ・ Take on the challenge of improving the recycle rate of painted material and the paint itself
  • ・ Promote thorough and effective resource utilization and recycle within the Group


Transform into a Group where diverse people play active roles


Accept any difference (gender, nationality, race, religion, background, age, disability, sexual orientation), and promote the diversity of people

  • ・ Share the philosophy globally, develop human resources, and promote the localization of operations
  • ・ Aim to achieve a 20% ratio of women among global employees and a 15% ratio of women among global managers (by 2030), through fair human resource development and promotion
  • ・ Aim to achieve a 25% ratio of women among BoD members (by 2030) through the promotion of women’s career development
  • ・ Promote diverse people to play an active role through the realization of diverse ways of working
  • ・ Maintain customers’ trust in Kansai Paint Group by passing down technologies and know-how over the ages


Sustainability and Responsible Care Management System

Since April 2022, we incorporated the Sustainability Promotion Committee (Chairman: TOMIOKA Takashi, Executive Officer) into the Corporate Governance Committee (Chairman: MORI Kunishi, Representative Director of the Board, President), as an activity related to the core of management, and established a system to lead Group-wide activities.
Activities conducted by the Responsible Care Committee until now have been integrated into the Sustainability Promotion Committee. We have also established the Chemicals Management Committee (Chairman: TAGIRI Sawane, Managing Executive Officer), which mainly conducts activities related to handling chemicals, and the Safety Management Committee (Chairman:ARAKI Tsutomu, Executive Officer), which mainly conducts safety and health activities in processes ranging from production to distribution As for sustainability activities, throughout the year we collect and analyze ESG data within the Group, identify issues, develop countermeasures, get approval from the Exco Meeting, and disclose information. Through this process, we carry out the PDCA cycle for our activities, achieve Materiality, and contribute to solving social issues.

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As a company that handles chemicals, we have established “Corporate Policies on Environmental Conservation” and have been undertaking Responsible Care activities such as appropriate management and reduction of environmental load substances. In November 2021, we declared that we would aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, as well as our new Materiality.
Climate change and microplastics are current global issues, and we will focus on, and address them as the core of Group-wide management.

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The Kansai Paint Group believes that human resources are “treasure” and the source of corporate value. We seek to create an environment that enables each individual from a pool of diverse human resources to enhance and fully demonstrate their abilities in order to survive in an unpredictable time of drastic reform and to enable the company to achieve sustainable growth. We will promote mutual communication so that both employees and the company can grow through dialogue, and cultivate a proactive corporate culture, in order to achieve our founding spirit of “seeking profits and contributing to social development.”

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Based on the Kansai Paint Group’s Mission Statement within our Corporate Philosophy, “we leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society, in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services, through a competent workforce, built on a culture of Customer Focus, Integrity and Respect to our Stakeholders,” we are working to enhance our mid- to long-term corporate value.
To this end, with the recognition that enhancing corporate governance is an important management task, we are striving to establish a corporate governance organization as described below, in order to establish ahighly sound, transparent, and efficient management system, including fulfilling the management’s responsibility and accountability toward the shareholders and other stakeholders.