July 24, 2021 | Hong Kong

Kansai Paint supports underprivileged youths of Hong Kong through sports

Kansai Paint has been the title sponsor of one of the basketball team in “WELL DUNK!” programme organized by the InspiringHK Sports Foundation.

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July 30, 2021 | Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Donation of "anti-virus partition". To support infection control at COVID-19 vaccination site

Kansai Paint donated "anti-virus partition" adopting Kansai Paint's original plaster paint technology to The Kamata Medical Association (Ota-ku, Tokyo) on July 29 to support measures to prevent COVID-19 infection at the vaccination site.

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April 06, 2021 | Europe

Using green material for a brighter future

HELIOS is taking the necessary steps to minimize the negative impact of product production on the environment. Using bio-based raw materials, collecting and reusing waste from production, and reusing recycled materials are just a few among the company’s many sustainable actions towards a greener future.

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  • Materiality
    Based on its Mission Statement, part of the Group Corporate Philosophy, the Kansai Paint Group has identified key items (materiality) to tackle as a matter of priority so as to provide sustainable value and contribute to the development of people and society.
  • Coexistence with the Global Environment
    • Policies and System on Environmental ConservationPolicies and System on Environmental Conservation
    • Responding to global warmingResponding to global warming
    • Taking steps to achieve a recycling-oriented societyTaking steps to achieve a recycling-oriented society
    • Water usageWater usage
    • Promoting waste managementPromoting waste management
    • Materials balanceMaterials balance
    • Management of chemical substancesManagement of chemical substances
  • Contribution to a Comfortable and Secure Life
    On the basis of harmony between business activities and environmental conservation, Kansai Paint aims to be an industry leader that ranks among the world’s most trusted companies by developing coatings that are markedly superior in quality, performance, new functionality, and cost performance while at the same time pursuing global business development with keen awareness of the importance of compliance and risk management. We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society through these sound, continuous business activities.
  • Fair Governance
    The Kansai Paint Group's management philosophy is to "contribute to society by providing products and services that satisfy our customers." We believe that increasing the satisfaction of our customers through the coatings business, which is the core business of the Group, is the foundation and reason for the Group's existence, and that our commitment to contributing to the society at large by enhancing the corporate value through the realization of customer satisfaction enables the Group to contribute to its stakeholders including the shareholders, business partners, employees and local community.