Low Temperature Curing Emulsion Coating for Domestic Heating Radiators

Coexistence with the global environment

2020/01/01 | Turkey

Kansai Altan Boya San. (Turkey) is the market leader amongst domestic heating radiator paint producers. Radiators are painted in a two-step process by which first surface pre-treated panels are dipped in a wet primer tank. Following oven curing at 140℃, powder topcoat is electrostatically sprayed on primed radiators and oven cured at 160-190℃.

In this project, reduction of environmental impact of dipping wet primer paint process has been aimed at. By means of this project, a new emulsion-based primer, that can be cured at lower temperatures (100℃) when compared with the currently used water reducible epoxy ester-based primer which cures at 140℃, will be implemented in the domestic appliance producers.

In addition to energy saving, we aim at minimizing the co-solvent emissions from the paint which in turn makes customer paint shops safer places regarding fire risks and occupational health. The new product will also help decrease air pollution because it will decrease flue gas emissions from the ovens which is a result of the change in the curing technology employed.

Upon utilization of the new emulsion paint, VOC emission will be decreased from 300 g/l to 25 g/L. We estimate that 310 tons of VOC per year will be avoided thanks to the new formulation, not including the fugitive VOC from dipping tanks at customer sites.

By virtue of about 40℃ decrease in curing temperature in a typical paint shop in this industry where 1500 tons of metal per year is painted, 4.435 MWh per year energy saving and 375 k€ per year (gas cost: 0.072 €/kWh, 7680 h/year) cost saving can be estimated, according to our initial estimates.

In addition, our tentative estimates indicate that with the new technology, Global Warming Potential or Carbon footprint (g CO2 eq) will be reduced 32% compared to current technology.

We expect the new technology will be prevalent in this industrial sector during 2021 if no delay occurs during Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Domestic panel radiators made from mild steel. Dip coated waterborne primer has been powder paint top coated.

310 tons VOC per year could be avoided with the new emulsion-based primer (left), 4.435 MWh/year energy saving for 1500 tons painted metal per year (middle), with the novel technology Global Warming Potential or Carbon footprint (GWP/CF) will be reduced 32%.