Plascon’s new TradePro Roof & More is set to make waves in water conservation

Coexistence with the global environment

2020/05/01 | South Africa

Plascon TradePro Roof & More is Africa’s first roof paint to be entirely free of harmful APEO chemical compounds. APEO compounds are persistent and bio-accumulative when released into the environment and toxic to human and wildlife, especially marine life. All other conventional roof paints contain APEO compounds that, over time, are washed into the environment and eventually contaminate the soil, water tables, rivers and ultimately, our oceans. For this reason, many European Unions and other countries have banned the use of APEOs. Water, although a reusable resource, needs to be treated responsibly and conserved in order to avoid pollution and water shortages. South Africa is amongst the most water-scarce countries in the world and one way to use water more responsibly is to harvest rainwater from roofs. Since Plascon TradePro Roof & More is APEO-free it is safe for the harvesting of rainwater for non-potable use.

  • Plascon’s new TradePro Roof & More is set to make waves in water conservation.

  • One of the schools painted with TradePro Roof & More. Water storage tanks were also installed by Plascon to assist with rainwater harvesting.

  • The APEO FREE logo that appears on the Plascon TradePro Roof & More packaging.