Thermoplastic Road markings were done on Roads and Flyover Bridges

Contribution to local community

Dec. 01, 2020 | Mumbai, India

MUMBAI, December 2020 ―Kansai Nerolac Paints, India (KNPL), subsidiary of Japanese paint company Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., had contributed to local community by the following initiative, “Thermoplastic Road Marking Work”, which was done at Worli Sea Face from Sea Link point to flyover.

KNPL has received recognition and appreciation from Local Municipal Department (BMC) and as well as from State Ministry Authorities for our work. They recognized our work and our organization on Twitter as well.

The thermoplastic road markings will enable the drivers and commuters to drive safely and indicate the required stopping area.

How will it work

*To visualize the marking to daily commuters – Pedestrians and Drivers
*To clearly identify Bus stoppage area, Zebra Crossing and road dividers
*To create safe environment and infrastructures

  • Marking done at Bus stop in front of Bus stand (Mumbai, India)

  • Markings work done at the road dividers

  • Thermoplastic road markings work undertaken

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