Organized Free Eye Checkup & Cataract Surgery Camp

Good health & Well being

Oct. 01, 2020 | Goindwal Sahib, India

GOINDWAL SAHIB, October 2020 ―Kansai Nerolac Paints, India (KNPL), subsidiary of Japanese paint company Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., had contributed to local community by the following initiative, by organizing a “Free Eye Check- up and Cataract Surgery” camp at Goindwal Sahib.
The camp was comprised of experienced doctors team and support staff who carried out the eye checkup activities for the individuals and successfully conducted about 100 surgeries for Cataract problems.

This initiative will promote the good health for the individuals and will provide a new ray of light in the lives of people who were suffering from cataract and were unable to visualize this colorful world.

How will it work

*To impart the lost vision to the patients suffering from Cataract
*To provide suggestions to the individuals for eye care and spectacles requirement
*To provide good health and well being to the individuals

  •  Inauguration of the free eye checkup & cataract surgery camp done by Kansai Nerolac India Employee

  • Free Eye checkup process carried out for individuals(Goindwal Sahib, India)

  • Doctors and Support staff successfully carrying out the Cataract Surgery(Goindwal Sahib, India)

The initiatives are published regularly through our monthly Newsletter “Impressions” and communicated to all the employees through emails.