Distribution of PPE Kits to individuals & Equipment donation to Primary health Centre

Contribution to a comfortable and secure life

Aug. 01, 2020 | Lote & Sayakha (India)

LOTE, August 2020 ―Kansai Nerolac Paints, India (KNPL), subsidiary of Japanese paint company Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., had distributed Personal protective equipment such as Masks and Sanitizer to traffic police staff and cloth bags with PPE to underprivileged individuals at Lote, Maharashtra in a bid to support the Nation’s fight against COVID-19.

SAYAKHA - KNPL also donated Various personal protective equipment such as Handheld Temperature Reader, Oxygen Meter, Mask & Sanitizer to 2 Primary Health Centre (at Derol and Vagra) near Sayakha, Gujarat.
This initiative created awareness among the individuals to wear the Masks and use sanitizers and help in to create a safe and healthy environment. This activity also aided the health checkup teams to work effectively and safely for the community.

How will it work

*To create awareness among individual for the importance of PPE kits and Hand sanitizers
*To create a safe environment and support the nations fight against COVID-19
*To help the frontline workers such as policemen and health checkup team – The COVID Warriors
*To support Primary Health center with medical equipment

  • Distributing Masks and Sanitizers to Traffic police Officer
    (Lote, India)

  • With distributed PPE items to under privileged & needy individuals
    (Lote, India)

  • Equipment donation such as Handheld Temperature Reader, Oxygen Meter to Primary health centre
    (Sayakha, India)

The initiatives are published regularly through our monthly Newsletter “Impressions” and communicated to all the employees through emails.