Remsolar – coatings for a greener future

Toward to new business opportunities

2020/06/11 | Austria, Europe

At the Rembrandtin Lack, a company part of HELIOS, a dedicated team together with external partners and experts have taken on the challenge to formulate and develop Remsolar, a new series of coatings designed to protect backsheets. Remsolar provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution for reliable solar energy. New backsheet coatings offer functionality of currently used multilayer film technology, while providing the same level of performance for a considerably lower price. This revolutionizes the process efficiency of backsheet producers and significantly reduces the CO2 footprint.

Since photovoltaic industry represents a very new market for coatings, a lot of time was also invested in defining test procedures and participating in the development of the quality standards of the industry. At Rembrandtin and HELIOS, we believe that the right policies will give a push to renewable and green energies. The same applies to the growth of the photovoltaic industry, where attributes such as sustainability and low costs will be the main drivers of this form of the energy. As of now, our aim is to dive further into this market, visit industry events, connect ourselves to potential customers, expand our knowledge and increase our brand recognition.

  • Remsolar coatings provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for a reliable solar energy

  • New backsheet coatings are revolutionizing the process efficiency of backsheet producers