Kansai Paint provided a special lesson on "Kansai Paint's initiatives for SDGs“ at junior high school

  • Enhancement of achieving resources and economic circulation
  • Improvement of QOL (Quality of Life)

Mar. 16, 2022 | Hyogo prefecture, Japan

On Wednesday, March 16th, 2022, a member of Kansai Paint Product Planning Department / Sustainability Promotion Committee (UENO Shigeto) visited Hirota Junior High School in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture and provided a lesson about “Kansai Paint’s initiatives for SDGs” to the students.

This on-site lesson was made possible by the connection that a teacher of Hirota Junior High School, who had previously worked at Japanese school in Guangzhou, China, and Mr. Ueno lived in the same apartment. On the day, 51 second-year students and their teachers participated in the lesson. We had a fun time with introductions about paints and quiz competitions.

In the lesson Mr. Ueno showed the effect of thermal barrier paints with models and introduced various functions of plaster paint. As a result, many surprised voices such as “Oh!” popped out from the students. And they were able to experience Kansai Paint’s efforts through the lesson.
In the section that named "I wish I had this kind of paint“, the students gave Mr. Ueno convincing and innovative ideas.
For example, “paints that can be applied to the air" and "drinkable paints“, which for a moment made him wonder, "What?” But when he listened to the students' serious explanations, he realized that, for example, drinkable paints cover and protect the internal organs when they are inflamed, and so on. It was a very meaningful day for the teachers as well.


  • Mr. Ueno became a visiting teacher at Hirota Junior High School on Awaji Island.

  • Explanation of thermal barrier paint
    Checking the effect by shining the light on it.

  • 51 students listened to the lessons with attention.
    Mr. Ueno introduced Kansai Paint’s initiatives then held quiz competition.