Environmental awareness along KANSAI HELIOS products – classified under A+

  • Enhancement of achieving resources and economic circulation
  • Realizing decarbonization

Apr. 07, 2022 | Slovenia

The KANSAI HELIOS Group is constantly intensifying its activities in the field of sustainable development. Focusing on the introduction of cleaner and environmentally friendly technologies, the Group follows and even strives to be ahead European and global legislation. Whilst developing new advanced products, the company is committed to principles of sustainable development, such as reducing the consumption of all types of resources and minimizing the carbon footprint.

Especially in the area of architectural coatings, the development focus is on products with the lowest possible content of substances that are harmful to health and the environment. An increasingly important classification for the customer is the color class according to the release of volatile organic compounds from the coating on the wall into the air.

In this area, there are currently no unified guidelines that must be followed by each European country. France was one of the first countries to enact legislation at the national level. Subsequently, other countries followed this initiative, including Slovenia. Based on the emissions, the quantity of volatile organic compound (VOC) released in the air ranges from Class C, with the highest percentage of VOC, to A+, which guarantees healthier air.

HELIOS TBLUS successfully developed the innovative interior wall paint Helios Spektra, which already proudly holds the A+ classification grade and is sold in over ten countries. With reducing the concentration of VOC's indoors, the company is pursuing its goals towards environmentally friendly products and processes, which contribute to a greener future for the next generation.

  • Spektra interior wall paints which already proudly hold the A+ classification