Diversity And Inclusion

The Kansai Paint Group demonstrates five commitments and strives to promote diversity of human resources.

  • Share the philosophy globally, develop human resources, and promote to localize the operation.
  • Aim 20% of women’s ratio among the global employees and 15% of women’s ratio among the global manager positions (by 2030), by the fair human resource development and promotion.
  • Aim 25% of women’s ratio among BOD members (by 2030) via the promotion of women’s carrier development.
  • Promote the diverse people to play an active role, through the realization of the diverse way of working.
  • Keep customers’ trust to Kansai Paint group, by the succession of technique and know-how over ages.

Efforts for the transformation into a Group where diverse people play active roles

The Kansai Paint Group contributes to the promotion of diversity of human resources from three viewpoints.

Realization of fair human resource development and promotion

Promote women's

  • ・ Increase the ratio of women among the employees and the manager positions
  • ・ Foster the working environment that empowers women

Develop management
personnel at global
production bases

  • ・ Conduct the education of selected individuals from overseas Group companies
  • ・ Integrate the management from headquarters and local management

Improve the ratio of
local managers at
overseas sales bases

  • ・ Realize the enhancement of human resource development and governance
  • ・ Promote the recruitment of overseas personnel through KPJ Training Program

Realization of the diverse way of working

  • Succeed technology by making use of reemployment system
  • Conduct internal awareness-raising activities to deepen the understanding of important issues
  • Increase the rate of childcare leave acquisition of male employees
  • Foster an environment, establish a system, and raise awareness so that diverse human resources can play active roles
  • Set up an internal workshop to enhance working environment

Improve health and welfare and create a safe workplace

  • Conduct health promotion activities at workplace
  • Create a workplace that enables good work-life balance
  • Establish 4S, KY, and visualization activities