Confronting global environmental problems from a global perspective


Countries around the world are trying to achieve economic development in a manner which is similar to Japan a half century ago. The countries of the emerging world promote infrastructure improvements such as roads and bridges to facilitate national economic growth as well as the construction of housing. Once the infrastructure is complete, the need to supply automobiles, electrical appliances, and other diverse industrial products which create convenient and affluent lifestyles increases.
Shifting from infrastructure improvements to lifestyle improvements All of the processes faced by emerging countries invariably require coating materials, and the market achieves significant growth.
When viewed from a global perspective, the coating material industry is a “growth industry.”

The global market for coating materials, which is currently estimated at around 16 trillion yen,
is expanding further and entering a “period of rapid growth” over the next 20 to 30 years.
As the company which leads the vanguard of overseas expansion in the Japanese coating material industry, we have already become the “No. 1” company with a dominant share of the automobile coating material field in high-growth overseas markets such as India and Southeast Asia. However, in the future we will exert our presence through “localization” which provides the quality that is required for local needs in a reasonable manner.
In doing so, we will also target the BRIC countries and Africa.