Kansai Paint’s Today

Kansai Paint's mission is to contribute to leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society, in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services, through a competent workforce, built on a culture of Customer Focus, Integrity and Respect to our Stakeholders.
As we tackle the pressing issues facing society today, we’re committed to meeting new demand in areas like decarbonization and the information technology revolution.


What coatings do

Coatings are applied to various objects not just to make our environment more attractive,
but to protect the objects themselves.
They also provide various other functions that increase added value.


Applying coatings forms surface coats that protect materials from various external conditions such as rain, wind, sea water, and UV rays.


Coatings make finished products more attractive in various ways, not only in color but also texture (gloss or satin, for example).


Coatings can provide various functions, such as energy saving, thermal resistance, antibacterial functions, and odor prevention that increase added value.

Global coatings market

Coatings are used for a wide range of purposes, and general demand is expected to grow alongside economic growth.

The Kansai Paint Group's strengths

R&D capabilities

Kansai Paint's technological might, centered on automotive coatings—the pinnacle of the coatings field—places it among the world's leaders in this sector. Specifically, its strengths lie in the three areas of resins, which can be described as the lifeline of coatings; colors, which provide attractive surfaces; and dispersion agents, essential to producing stable coatings in concert with the other two components.

Support capabilities

Coatings are semi-processed goods, with the finished products being the coats applied by our customers. Kansai Paint boasts special strengths in the B2B segment, and its products are used on the coating lines of numerous customers.
With coating conditions changing from day to day, the experience and acumen of coatings professionals are vital to ensuring consistent final coats on the diverse coating lines operated by our customers. Our broad customer base relies on the provision of our unmatched line support, refined through experience with numerous coating lines.

Global supply capabilities

Our B2B customers in automotive, industrial, and other fields require coatings on a daily basis at their global manufacturing facilities. Producing and delivering to customers around the world the coatings they need every day, at consistent levels of quality, poses significant challenges. Of the world’s numerous coatings manufacturers, Kansai Paint is among only a select few with global supply capabilities.

Kansai Paint by the numbers

Eco-friendly coatings

What comes to mind when you think of paints and coatings? Many people may associate them with strong odors and the belief that they are harmful to people and the environment.
But today, with the growing use of largely low-odor waterborne coatings and powder coatings free of toxic volatile ingredients, coatings continue to become ever more environmentally-friendly.
With its long track record of recognizing the importance of sustainability on a global scale ahead of the times, the Kansai Paint Group undertakes various activities with the environment in mind, including developing coatings that reduce CO2 emissions generated during the coating process and products with lower environmental impact, like waterborne and powder coatings.
In an era of ceaseless change, when we face the need to address the challenges posed by climate change, the value provided by coatings should change as well. While continually reimagining this value, we will continue to deliver coatings and services that move us closer to carbon neutrality, a healthier balance between resource and economic cycles, and a higher quality of life.
RETAN WB ECO EV System 3.0, a fully waterborne system for
automotive refinish
Powder coatings

Kansai Paint's businesses

As coating professionals, we feature in people’s everyday lives, including buildings and automobiles,
as well as contribute to the environment and our planet.

Kansai Paint’s Future

Kansai Paint has continued to address various challenges for more than a century since its founding in 1918.
We believe the keys to our reason for being and continued growth lie in our outstanding human resources, who have the resolve to take on emerging challenges drawing on our technologies developed and discovered from our work with coatings as well as our founding spirit, handed down from our predecessors.