We leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society,
in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services, through a competent workforce, built on a culture of Customer Focus, Integrity and Respect to our Stakeholders.



We build strong trust with all stakeholders, by doing the right thing, and by taking decisions that enhance the reputation of the organization in the Society.


We continuously strive to understand and exceed Customer expectations.


We encourage organization members to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions, show commitment to all stakeholders, and accomplish work in an appropriate and efficient manner.


We respect diversity and embrace cultural and individual characteristics of organization members, customers and communities by showing empathy and understanding the viewpoints of distinct beliefs, philosophies and cultures.
We encourage and foster an environment of learning, teamwork and cooperation, that enables the development of all organization members.


We facilitate the emergence of entrepreneurial ideas that have a long-term perspective, originality in thinking, and practicality of execution, taking responsibility to see these ideas through, with ownership at all times.
We shall continue contributing to People and Society by providing sustainable value to all stakeholders.


We pioneer Innovation by engaging our collective wisdom and knowledge to create new value propositions, and continuously strive to generate original and novel solutions for products, services, and work processes.
We experiment in different and groundbreaking ways to deal with value-creation opportunities or challenges, through a deep understanding of the issue at hand.


  • I strive to ensure Quality Assurance and adhere to the “Safety first” principle.
  • I make promises carefully and follow through on them faithfully.
  • I remain honest and trustworthy in all my business transactions .
  • I operate within the letter and spirit of the law and uphold the values and principles of the organization in every action and decision.
  • I understand the current and future needs of Customers, and provide them with the right products, services and solutions.
  • I demonstrate a great sense of responsibility for my own behavior.
  • I accept the facts and acknowledge my mistakes and misunderstandings.
  • I am tenacious in pursuing my goals and objectives
  • I strive to understand of different cultures and diverse backgrounds.
  • I am empathetic and understand concerns of others.
  • I encourage and help others.
  • I show a proactive approach, with ownership of my work
  • I analyze things with a long-term, holistic view.
  • I design action plans with competitive advantage in mind.
  • I continuously challenge stereotypes and assumptions and try out new things.
  • I pursue new ideas and processes whilst respecting rules and principles.
  • I explore and identify new added-value opportunities for society.
Kansai Paint Corporate Mission
Kansai Paint’s Corporate Mission is the spiritual backbone of Kansai Paint and has been handed down since
the Company’s foundation, forming the bedrock of the Kansai Paint Group Corporate Philosophy.
  • 1. To further build company credibility with the public and to contribute to society by providing products and services that achieve customer satisfaction.
  • 2. To build on our knowledge and strive for technological innovations in order to improve the Company’s performance.
  • 3. To harness the collective efforts of all individuals in order to maximize Company returns.

Group Corporate Logo

KANSAI PAINT 青:誠実・責任感・尊重赤 白:優れた技術や性能、チャレンジする姿勢

The Blue exterior and Red & White interior represent the aspirations and thoughts of the Kansai Paint Group. “Blue” connotes integrity / accountability / respect, while “Red & White” connote superior technology / performance / challenge.
These two elements form the Kansai Paint Group “K”. This integration expresses the Kansai Paint Group as a partnership based on mutual respect.