Medium-term Management Plan

The Kansai Paint Group began its 17th Medium-term Management Plan (17th MTP) in April 2022. The 17th MTP is positioned as a shift toward a sustainable growth cycle, and simultaneously, it marks the first three years in which we will actively address Materiality through concrete actions. The plan is crucial in our efforts to boost corporate value. It represents a management strategy to transform from Good to Great. The 17th MTP sets forth the key principles of cash generation by increasing profitability, aggressive investment in growing markets, and strengthening the management infrastructure, clearly laying out the Group’s direction.

17th MTP Targets and Strategy

Quantitative Targets and Progress
Although there were sharp increases in costs for raw materials, energy, logistics, labor, and other items, all indicators are progressing well after the second year of the medium-term management plan. We have revised upward our sales and EBITDA forecasts to over 610 billion yen in sales and 89 billion yen in EBITDA, respectively, due to progress that exceeded our initial plans, and we are now one step closer to reaching 13% ROE, excluding one-off factors.

In FY2023, the second year of the 17th MTP, we have recorded-high figures for net sales, operating income, ordinary income, and net income attributable to owners of the parent.

  FY2022 Actual FY2023 Actual FY2024 plan
Net sales 509.1 562.3 610.0
Operating income 32.1 51.6 56.0
Operating income to net sales ratio 6.3% 9.2% 9.2%
Segment income 37.8 59.2 61.0
Ordinary income 40.2 57.7 60.0
EBITDA 57.8 82.2 89.0
EBITDA margin 11.3% 14.6% 14.6%
Net income attributable to owners of the parent 25.2 67.1 40.0

17th MTP Measures and Progress in FY2022

1.Business strategy
Main plans and investment scale
Three Bolt-on M&As
Decision to sell African business
HR system: Job-type employment system for managers
2.IT reforms
Main plans and investment scale
Second Phase of the Performance Improvement Committee:
► Initiated activities
► Global Digital Platform (GDP): Started operation
► IT Medium-term Management Plan
  ・Business continuity, Total optimization, Flexibility, Scalability, Visualization, and Pursuit of the latest technologies
► Organization / Processes
  ・Develop IT talent based on new IT organization plan
  ・Optimizing workplace: Relocated to Umeda Gate Tower
3.Renewal of supply chain
Main plans and investment scale
Formulation of basic plan on renewals in Japan
  ・Consolidate locations
  ・Achieve both business continuity plan (BCP) and productivity improvement
  ・Decarbonize production and logistics (Scope 1 and 2)
  ・EBITDA margin raised by 5% after the renewal
Japan, a leading country in the issue, will implement first, and measures will expand globally after 2030.
Main plans and investment scale
Optimization of procurement, design, and production project
  ・52 members: Introduction of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Performance Improvement Committee (Second term)
  ・60 members: Promote DX in Japan
GDP project
  ・40 members: Global team
Culture Cultivation Project: Joined Human Resources Development Department
5.Human resources strategy

With the goal of producing a large number of global human resources with a management perspective, we will broadly seek out talent internally, externally, and both domestically and internationally.

We will establish the Human Resources Development Department to improve engagement and reestablish the training system.

We will also create numerous opportunities for projects and the executive management of affiliated companies, and strategically nurture human resources who embrace challenges.


We believe that governance refers to all systems that enable the Group to keep moving in the right direction and execute its strategies. We will continue to strengthen our systems to thoroughly enforce the understanding that “what is right is right, and what must not be done must not be done,” or in other words, “profit and fairness.”

Regular meetings of the Information Security Committee
Significant reduction of cross-shareholdings
Skills lectures by outside directors and off-site discussions
Review of skills matrix
Human Rights Policy