November 06, 2020 | Turkey

Donation for earthquake victims

We established Disaster Support Committee after earthquake (6,9 richter scale)which occurred on 30/10/2020 in Izmir. The Committee analyzed the damage. We provided support to members of the local community affected by the earthquake with a budget of 50000 €. This Support was coordinated by the Metropolitan Municipal Authority who channeled it to eligible fellow citizens as all other contributions. We also provided some support to our employees who suffered loses from the earthquake.

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October 2020 | Goindwal Sahib, India

Organized Free Eye Checkup & Cataract Surgery Camp

Kansai Nerolac, India organized a “Free Eye Check- up and Cataract Surgery” camp at Goindwal Sahib. The experienced doctors team and support staff carried out the eye checkup activities for the individuals and successfully conducted about 100 surgeries for Cataract problems.

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August 2020 | Lote & Sayakha (India)

Distribution of PPE Kits to individuals & Equipment donation to Primary health Centre

Kansai Nerolac, India distributed Personal protective equipment such as Masks and Sanitizer to Traffic police staff and underprivileged individuals at Lote, Maharashtra. Various personal protective equipment such as Handheld Temperature Reader, Oxygen Meter, Mask & Sanitizer were donated to 2 Primary Health Centre near Sayakha, Gujarat.

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  • Materiality
    Based on its Mission Statement, part of the Group Corporate Philosophy, the Kansai Paint Group has identified key items (materiality) to tackle as a matter of priority so as to provide sustainable value and contribute to the development of people and society.
  • Coexistence with the Global Environment
    • Policies and System on Environmental ConservationPolicies and System on Environmental Conservation
    • Responding to global warmingResponding to global warming
    • Taking steps to achieve a recycling-oriented societyTaking steps to achieve a recycling-oriented society
    • Water usageWater usage
    • Promoting waste managementPromoting waste management
    • Materials balanceMaterials balance
    • Management of chemical substancesManagement of chemical substances
  • Contribution to a Comfortable and Secure Life
    On the basis of harmony between business activities and environmental conservation, Kansai Paint aims to be an industry leader that ranks among the world’s most trusted companies by developing coatings that are markedly superior in quality, performance, new functionality, and cost performance while at the same time pursuing global business development with keen awareness of the importance of compliance and risk management. We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society through these sound, continuous business activities.
  • Fair Governance
    The Kansai Paint Group's management philosophy is to "contribute to society by providing products and services that satisfy our customers." We believe that increasing the satisfaction of our customers through the coatings business, which is the core business of the Group, is the foundation and reason for the Group's existence, and that our commitment to contributing to the society at large by enhancing the corporate value through the realization of customer satisfaction enables the Group to contribute to its stakeholders including the shareholders, business partners, employees and local community.

Integrated Report


Kansai Paint Group issues this integrated report as a communication tool for stakeholders to understand our policies and initiatives for creating sustainable value.