Materiality and KPI


Realizing decarbonization

Commitment (To-be society and our role)
Achieve carbon-neutral as a whole Group by 2050
  • Based on the long-term vision, change the energy type used from a decarbonization point of view
    (non-fossil fuel, renewable energy, next generation energy, etc.)
  • Drastically reduce the energy used by optimizing the business activities from a medium-term perspective
  • Reduce CO2 emission throughout the whole product lifecycle, in collaboration with our customers and suppliers
  • Transform energy usage, taking into account capital investment opportunities

Improvement of Quality of Life (QOL)

Commitment (To-be society and our role)
Improve QOL of all stakeholders (society, users, suppliers, employees, etc.)
  • Improve people's QOL by making the whole of society beautiful and strong with painting/coating
  • Improve users’ QOL by providing the paints that contribute to health and hygiene.
  • Improve the safety of users, suppliers and employees, by establishing an appropriate occupational safety and health environment and working environment.
  • Contribute to reducing negative health effects (high temperature damage, deterioration of hygiene, etc.) related to climate change

Enhancement of achieving resource
and economic circulation

Commitment (To-be society and our role)
Review the whole lifecycle of paint, effectively utilize resources, and sophisticate the circular economy
  • Sophisticate the quality of resource circulation in the whole of society by reviewing all phases, including raw material procurement, production, usage, and the painted finished goods
  • Aim for a “Breakthrough” in the balance of resource circulation and economic circulation
  • Take on the challenge of improving the recycle rate of painted material and the paint itself
  • Promote thorough and effective resource utilization and recycle within the Group

Transform into a Group where diverse
people play active roles

Commitment (To-be society and our role)
Accept any difference (gender, nationality, race, religion, background, age, disability, sexual orientation), and promote the diversity of people
  • Share the philosophy globally, develop human resources, and promote the localization of operations
  • Aim to achieve a 20% ratio of women among global employees and a 15% ratio of women among global managers (by 2030),through fair human resource development and promotion
  • Aim to achieve a 25% ratio of women among BoD members (by 2030) through the promotion of women’s career development
  • Promote diverse people to play an active role through the realization of diverse ways of working
  • Maintain customers’ trust in Kansai Paint Group by passing down technologies and know-how over the ages


We do not believe that we can resolve the material issues the Kansai Paint Group has specified for 2050 by pursuing activities along the same trajectory we have followed up to now. Disruptive change is needed at some point. That means increasing the probability and speed with which we achieve our targets through disruptive change. In order words, we require a transformation comparable to the shift from steam engines to electric motors in trains, which significantly boosted their running speed. We will pursue activities that will put the Group at a new stage in 2030 for achieving materiality targets in 2050.

KPI 2030

  • 30% reduction 15% or more 20% reduction (from 2021) (from 2021)
  • 30 or more of sales 80 1.5 or less
  • 20% reduction 30% reduction 50% or more (2021年比)
  • 30 30 100 100

Process of specifying materiality

In updating our material issues, we held a management workshop under the guidance of external experts, confirmed the importance of initiatives, and established the Sustainability Promotion Committee through a resolution of the Board of Directors. Subsequently, the Sustainability Promotion Committee and management have identified issues for the Group and examined the direction of Materiality through dialogue with external advisors, shareholders, investors, and sustainability assessment organizations.
Kansai Paint recognizes and places importance on not only the general issues of compliance and governance as well as environmental and social concerns, but also the unique challenge of resolving social issues through its business and products, to fulfill its social responsibilities in all Group’s activities and realizing a sustainable society through its business.
To tackle these material issues, the Group will renew its commitment as well as setting KPIs, and based on this, will push ahead with an updated business model. We will increase the effectiveness of our business model updating through continuous monitoring and by disclosing information both inside and outside the company.

Materiality Map