Information security policy

Kansai paint group information basic security policy

Kansai paint group has laid down the Kansai paint group information basic security policy, which is to carry out the safety of information asset, proper management & usage, to ensure information security in the entire group and to strive hard to earn the credence from the society.

  1. Laws, Guidelines laid down by the country and other standards related to information security are observed.
  2. The responsibilities related to information security are clearly defined and the system in order to execute the actions are secured.
  3. Information security risk is identified and appropriate actions organizationally, personally, physically and technically executed.
  4. Information security related education and promotion is carried out. It should be made such that all the board members and all the employees can carry out business activities with a deep knowledge on information security.
  5. Inspection on information security related regime & approach is carried out and also it is improved/reviewed continuously.

※Objective of the Policy
“Information assets” targeted by this policy is considered to be the procurement & learned information of Kansai paint group business activities and all the business information retained by this group as well. This objective also includes strict compliance with “Board members, Employees, Contract employees” of this group and with “Business contractors and their employees” who are involved in the handling and management of these information assets.

※Kansai paint group refers to Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., its subsidiary companies and other related companies who substantially possess the management responsibility of Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.




  1. 遵守信息安保相关法令、由国家制订的指导方针、以及其他规章。
  2. 明确关于信息安保的责任,整顿执行对策的相关体制。
  3. 辨别信息安保风险,执行有组织的、针对人的、物理性的、技术性的合理对策。
  4. 施行有关信息安保的教育、启发,以全体董事会成员及全体公司职员都能在深刻理解信息安保的基础上工作为目标。
  5. 执行关于信息安保管理体制及事业的检查工作,持续进行改善、重新审视。