Scenes of characters with brushes in hand repainting their rooms are common in films. The act of applying paint is an everyday sight around the world, an action that represents new beginnings and a change for the better. One of the things that makes paint special is the way a simple paint job can give a structure an entirely different look while protecting it from the causes of wear.

In fact, while architectural forms vary widely around the world, the need for paint has become so universal it’s hard to find a structure that doesn’t use paint.

Demand in the Decorative Coatings field continues to grow steadily, centered on emerging markets, and the Kansai Paint Group aims to develop such demand based on our unique product lineup, along the axes of high performance and eco-friendly coatings.



Everybody wants the homes where they spend their days to be attractive.
But the performance of any coating cannot be demonstrated the fullest without a certain level of skill and technique on the part of those applying it.

Leveraging its extensive sales network to propose coating systems that meet specific needs, the Kansai Paint Group provides functional decorative coatings to prevent building wear in countries and regions around the world.



Coatings with crack adaptable properties help improve durability. Soil-resistant coatings with long-lasting gloss help make buildings more attractive.

The coating technologies and color variations made by possible by the Group's extensive technological capabilities provide value and more comfortable ways of living.


Interior Paints

Merely applying a fresh coat to a wall can make a major change in everyday living spaces.

We offer a wide range of coatings, including waterborne, zero-VOC coatings; coatings that absorb and break down various indoor odors; and eco-friendly Ales Shikkui coatings (available in Japan only) that absorb the CO2 driving global warming.



Coatings for new construction and repainting are used for a wide range of buildings, including commercial properties and public facilities.

We supply functional decorative coatings that offer outstanding performance in preventing building deterioration and maintaining beauty.