Drivers want their beloved vehicles to last a long time, and they want to repair dents and scrapes from unexpected accidents as soon as possible.

When dealers and body shops repair such dents and scrapes, they use Kansai Paint's automotive refinish coatings.

Automotive refinish coatings need to restore passenger cars and trucks to their original, as-new condition. In recent years, the materials used in motor vehicles are becoming increasingly diverse, and they are available in a wealth of color variations. Vehicles also are subject to various considerations such as compliance with stricter laws and regulations, reduced environmental impact, and improved productivity, and these are growing increasingly complex as well.

Kansai Paint helps realize solutions to customers' various needs with a focus on three important elements of automotive refinish coatings: products, colors, and training.


Products: Transitioning from solvent- to waterborne paints

Amid rising concerns for the environment, the automotive refinish industry is transitioning from conventional solvent-based paints to eco-friendly waterborne paints. From an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) perspective as well, the industry is growing increasingly conscious of subjects such as worker health and the environment in addition to improved productivity.

In response to the need to develop and deploy products from undercoats to surface coatings that reflect consideration for worker safety, in order to realize safer, more comfortable working environments, Kansai Paint has developed a fully waterborne coating system that delivers drying performance and finish rivaling those of solvent-based paints, which have been considered challenges for waterborne paints.

We will continue to make every effort to improve and promote waterborne paints in the future as well.


Color: Evolving from color sample books to computerized coloring

Since the coloring process can involve wide variations in work time and quality due to differences in workers' knowledge and skills, there is an overwhelming need for standardization. Against a backdrop that includes a shortage of labor and issues related to employee retention and training, in recent years migration is accelerating from traditional systems based on color sample books to new systems using computerized coloring.

Adoption of a computerized coloring system shortens time requirements while also realizes standardization to enable anybody, regardless of skills or experience, to do the work with identical quality, time, and processes.

By applying skills built up in painting new vehicles to the automotive refinish coatings field, Kansai Paint supports the coloring process through computerized coloring systems featuring a wealth of color variations and an AI machine-learning engine.


Training: Training for solutions to increasingly diverse needs

Automotive refinish coatings are used in various forms depending on matters such as the degree of damage, the parts damaged, and surface area. It is essential to choose the most appropriate coating process and method.
It's also necessary to learn the proper ways of using individual types of coatings.
Amid dramatically changing customer challenges and needs, Kansai Paint provides solutions-oriented training at two training centers in Japan, putting the latest tools and equipment to maximum use in addition to traditional education on coating techniques. We also are establishing training centers in various regions to meet differing needs.