Coatings are essential to long service life of bridges and other structures. In particular, steel and iron left exposed to the elements will suffer progressive corrosion that can eventually impair structural integrity.

Problems with vital infrastructure like bridges, roads, and power and water supply facilities can have serious implications. Accordingly, it is essential to protect these structures using coatings appropriate for specific components and for the anticipated service life. As a pioneer in ultrathick epoxy resin coatings, Kansai Paint provides an extensive track record while continuing to develop various other coatings, including nonpolluting protective coatings to prevent the adhesion of shellfish and seaweed to undersea power lines; civil engineering and concrete coatings to protect expressway piers and other structures; coatings to avoid graffiti and poster adhesion; and fire-resistant coatings that foam during fire to prevent the spread of fire.

As a testament to this extensive track record and experience, our coatings are seeing growing use in infrastructure and large-scale construction projects in emerging markets.

Through these and other efforts, including efforts to localize coatings production and expand our service network, we continue to work to protect and preserve structures worldwide.



Bridges are essential infrastructure for people’s lives. Gradual wear due to exposure to the elements can lead to metal corrosion and cracking of concrete, which over time can lead to structural failure or deterioration. Our robust coating systems address these issues to help support society’s infrastructure.



Plant facilities maintenance, corrosion prevention in particular, is critical for facility owners and managers. Facilities that degrade at a rate exceeding their planned maintenance cycles can cause serious accidents. Kansai Paint selects coatings appropriate for a wide range of conditions to ensure long-term anticorrosion performance.


Steel structures

Large-scale steel structures like communication towers such as Tokyo Tower, transmission towers, high rise building frames, and logistics centers are associated with vital lifeline services. Protection and corrosion prevention using coatings suited to a wide range of materials and shapes is vital to preserve both safety and functionality over the course of decades, especially for facilities located in waterfront areas, where corrosion is a constant threat.

We propose products and systems that meet client needs and the roles played by specific structures, including ultrathick and highly durable coatings.


Fire-resistant Coatings (available in Japan only)

Core structural components such as beams and girders must be certifiably fire-resistant to minimize damage in the event of fire.

Fire-resistant coatings enable designs that would pose various challenges using traditional fire-resistant materials.
We propose fire-resistant solutions that also contribute to interior design and layout while protecting exteriors from rust, as standard paints do.