The core technologies used in coatings development can be applied and deployed across a wide range of fields. Leveraging these technologies, we have launched businesses in optoelectronics and biosciences fields.

In the field of optoelectronics, Kansai Paint proposes solutions based on our expertise in coatings and coating technologies to improve production efficiency and cut costs for printed circuit boards and electronic components. We support advances in electronics, information, and telecommunications devices and in the production of electronic circuitry for applications ranging from motor vehicles to industrial machinery.

In the biosciences, we have developed hydrogel fluid carrier beads that achieve greater microbial affinity and increase efficiency for various types of wastewater treatment by fusing resin design technologies with optical hardening technologies. These carriers can be used not just for binding immobilization (binding of microbes in treatment tanks), but to achieve entrapment immobilization by embedding specific microbes and enzymes into carriers. Our solutions help to improve production efficiency and cut costs in the production of useful substances from biomass (biorefining), a field with growth potential.


Electronic materials

Unique resist materials based on coating design technologies.

There are demands for further improvements in functionality and reduction in total costs in the production of electronic circuit boards and components used in electronic, information, and telecommunications devices, motor vehicles, industrial machinery, and other applications, underscoring the need to reduce processing and equipment requirements and increase throughput in processes used to produce electronic circuits and electrodes. Also vital are device designs that incorporate brand new types of materials and structures.

In response to these changing market needs, Kansai Paint strives to develop various resist materials based on new ideas that put coating technologies to effective use. We use our unique, proprietary resist materials to propose solutions that improve production efficiency and cut costs.



High-performance microbial binding carrier beads based on our proprietary resin design and optical hardening technologies

Kansai Paint's KP Pearl carrier beads are hydrogel fluid carrier beads that fuse resin design technologies with optical hardening technologies for greater microbial affinity to increase efficiency in various types of wastewater treatment. They have been used for years as microbial treatment carrier beads for treating public sewage and industrial (factory) wastewater. The carrier surfaces promote high-density adherence and proliferation of nitrifying or denitrifying bacteria in a treatment tank, forming biofilms (binding immobilization). Outstanding flow and durability performance of these carriers inside treatment tanks accelerates wastewater treatment and enables more compact treatment facilities.

One advantage of biotreatment is its low environmental impact. Based on an extensive track record in denitrification in public sewage and industrial (factory) wastewater treatment, biotreatment is expected to see various other uses, including treatment of wastewater containing substances that resist decomposition. Biotreatment is also attracting attention for use in the production of useful substances from biomass (biorefining) using microbes and enzymes.

Kansai Paint's BEL Pearl binding carrier with embedded microbes and enzymes employs microbes and enzymes provided by clients to achieve entrapment immobilization. Since the entrapped microbes and enzymes are already present, BEL Pearl allows faster reactor startup times and repeated use for specific microbes and enzymes, helping to improve production efficiency and cut costs at biorefineries.