Reflecting the theme of coexistence with nature, Kansai Paint provides products that combine environmental compatibility with outstanding performance.

In the field of marine paints, we pioneered Takata Quantum, a tin-free hydrolysis antifouling paint for ship hulls patented in 18 countries around the world, including in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. We strive to deliver products that can be used with peace of mind from distribution to end use at industrial sites by developing various eco-friendly product lines, including low-VOC coatings, water-soluble coatings, and chemical-free antifouling paints.

Kansai Paint Marine has partnered with Jotun of Norway in the SeaStar Alliance to provide our products and services worldwide and improve convenience for our customers.


Sea Star Alliance

Kansai Paint Marine has concluded an alliance agreement with Jotun of Norway to achieve rapid growth in the global marine field by providing high-quality products and attentive services though our international network.


Takata Quantum Series

Regarded highly in the market for its antifouling performance, the Takata Quantum Series is used on more than 6,000 vessels worldwide. Takata Quantum Xmile incorporates technologies developed by Kansai Paint in automotive coatings to create even smoother coating surfaces and help reduce fuel consumption from the moment a ship enters service.


Service profiling system

Microbial fouling of the ship hull, which dramatically reduces fuel efficiency, varies widely by ship type, size, cruising speed, route, seawater temperature, marine conditions around ports, and other factors. Rapid progress in information and telecommunications technologies in recent years has made it possible to analyze vast volumes of ship service data. We use a service profiling system developed by Jotun of Norway to select the ideal hull coatings for individual ships.


Fish net antifouling agents

As a pioneer in antifouling agents for aquaculture and stationary lift nets, we develop and deliver ideal products for various waters, drawing on approximately half a century of research and development.
For peace of mind, we offer a lineup of antifouling agents designed specifically for food production environments.