2023.02.03 Information

GO-Coating – one of the world‘s first chromium-free coatings by Rembrandtin

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Improvement of QOL (Quality of Life)

Chromium trioxide derivates are classified as CMR substances and the unrestricted use of these substances in the European Union expired in 2017. Although the European Commission issued an authorization for further use, the ultimate deadline will be September 2024. This extensive ban on the use of chromium trioxide derivates affects many industrial sectors and consequently also the transformers production. Therefore, a change to chromium-free solutions is crucial.

Since chromates are hardly replaceable due to their excellent hydrolysis and corrosion resistance as well as their good electro-insulating properties, the aim was to develop equivalent solutions. After working intensively on the innovation, the R&D specialists at Rembrandtin developed a chromium-free coating system REMISOL EB 5320 – the first chromium-free coating on the market.

The hydrolysis and corrosion resistance of this new eco-friendly product is also equivalent to chromium(VI)-based coatings. It’s an inorganic coating of class C5-G according to ASTM 976 and serves as electrical insulation for grain-oriented steel. This one-component system is available as a clear or pigmented version. With this type of pigmentation, it is possible to achieve the homogeneous appearance of the coated electrical steel desired by many steel manufacturers. This innovative solution is long-lasting without any loss of quality over the months and it is suitable as a more environmentally friendly alternative.

The aim is to contribute to a greener planet, and with the development of this advanced and ecofriendly coating system, KANSAI HELIOS is making an invaluable contribution that many generations will be able to benefit from.