Cyber Attack incident in our overseas consolidated subsidiary

Sep. 05, 2023
Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.
Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.

To whom it may concern

Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. confirmed that its overseas consolidated subsidiary, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. (“KNPL”), had cyber-attack incident (on August 20, 2023.)

After confirming the incident, KNPL responded promptly and initiated necessary precautions and protocols to mitigate the impact of this incident and carried out reporting to relevant organizations.

We are currently investigating the causes and the scope of the impact with the cooperation of a specialized security agency and are working to strengthen security and examine measures to prevent a recurrence of such incident.

We have identified that cyber-attack was caused by a ransomware attack.
The business has already resumed in KNPL. In addition, at this time, we have confirmed that there is no impact on systems in Japan.

We would like to express our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience or concern resulting from this incident to its customers and all other concerned parties.
The Kansai Paint Group will once again strengthen its security measures and strive to prevent a recurrence of such incident.



GO-Coating – one of the world‘s first chromium-free coatings by Rembrandtin

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Improvement of QOL (Quality of Life)

Chromium trioxide derivates are classified as CMR substances and the unrestricted use of these substances in the European Union expired in 2017. Although the European Commission issued an authorization for further use, the ultimate deadline will be September 2024. This extensive ban on the use of chromium trioxide derivates affects many industrial sectors and consequently also the transformers production. Therefore, a change to chromium-free solutions is crucial.

Since chromates are hardly replaceable due to their excellent hydrolysis and corrosion resistance as well as their good electro-insulating properties, the aim was to develop equivalent solutions. After working intensively on the innovation, the R&D specialists at Rembrandtin developed a chromium-free coating system REMISOL EB 5320 – the first chromium-free coating on the market.

The hydrolysis and corrosion resistance of this new eco-friendly product is also equivalent to chromium(VI)-based coatings. It’s an inorganic coating of class C5-G according to ASTM 976 and serves as electrical insulation for grain-oriented steel. This one-component system is available as a clear or pigmented version. With this type of pigmentation, it is possible to achieve the homogeneous appearance of the coated electrical steel desired by many steel manufacturers. This innovative solution is long-lasting without any loss of quality over the months and it is suitable as a more environmentally friendly alternative.

The aim is to contribute to a greener planet, and with the development of this advanced and ecofriendly coating system, KANSAI HELIOS is making an invaluable contribution that many generations will be able to benefit from.

KANSAI HELIOS completed its acquisition of CWS
~Increase market position in the field of Powder Coatings and Synthetic Resins~

Feb. 02, 2023
Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

Kansai Helios Coatings GmbH (“KANSAI HELIOS”), a European consolidated subsidiary of Kansai Paint Co., Ltd (“Kansai Paint”) has completed its acquisition of CWS Lackfabrik GmbH (“CWS”) on February 1st, 2023. The deal was first announced as “Notice about acquisition of shares of a powder coating business company in Europe (to make it a consolidated subsidiary)” on November 30th, 2022. KANSAI HELIOS has acquired all shares of CWS and has become its new owner.

 CWS is a well-established paint manufacturer founded in 1864 with over 150 years of business experience and a solid position in the manufacture and sale of industrial powder coatings and synthetic resins in Germany and other European countries as well as USA. The powder coatings market is expected to grow significantly worldwide in the future from the perspectives of the environment and quality of life (QOL). This acquisition for KANSAI HELIOS is a perfect complement and extension of company competences in powder coatings and synthetic resins business, and will further strengthen the Kansai Paint Group’s competitiveness.

 Kansai Paint Group has set “aggressive investment in growing market” as one of the key principles in the 17th Medium-term Management Plan, which started in April 2022. We will expand overseas businesses by reinforcing our strengths, mainly in Europe and India, and promoting small- and medium-sized M&A within the ¥20 billion framework with the aim of having them complement each other mutually. In addition to this transaction, we announced the completion to acquire railway business assets of wefa in Germany in August 2022, and the agreement to acquire the railway business assets of Beckers in December 2022.

 In order to promote our group strategy of “shifting to B to B business” and “strengthening focused businesses and fields such as India and Europe”, we will continue to pursue not only small and medium-sized M&A that will optimize our business portfolio, but also explore the possibility of large-sized M&A.

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    Company name               : Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd
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    Name of representative: MORI Kunishi, Representative Director of the Board, President
    Outline of Operations    :

    • Manufacturing and sale of paints and coatings
    • Color design
    • Manufacturing and sale of biorelated products and electronic materials related products

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    Company name               : Kansai Helios Coatings GmbH
    Head Office                       : Ignaz-Kock-Strasse 15 1210 Vienna, Austria
    Name of representative: KAJIMA Junichi
    Date Established             : November 19, 2005
    Outline of Operations    :
    Holding company of paints and coatings manufacturing and sales company
    Main Shareholders and holding ratio : Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd. 80%
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    For more than a century since its establishment in 1918, the Kansai Paint Group has been providing technologies cultivated in the paint and coatings business.
    Under the mission statement―” We leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services, through a competent workforce, built on a culture of Customer focus, Integrity, and Respect to our Stakeholders.”, We will contribute to the global environment and the world and aim to be a Great company that continues to grow sustainably.

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Our plaster, shikkui paint was introduced on NHK WORLD-JAPAN “The Signs”

Mar. 30, 2021
Kansai Paint Co., Ltd

We are pleased to inform you that our lime plaster paint, Ales Shikkui was introduced in the documentary program “The Signs” of NHK WORLD-JAPAN, which broadcasts in English 24 hours a day to 160 countries and regions around the world.

“The Signs” is a 15-minute program that introduces Japanese technologies and initiatives that have been developed and attracted attention in the Corona related chaos as signs of the future (Post-Corona Era).

In the interview of program “Frontiers in Antiviral Technology” broadcast on March 20, 2021, Professor Dr. Jiro Yasuda, National Research center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases, Nagasaki University, shared with the antiviral function of our lime plaster paint, Ales Shikkui based on the actual test results which he conducted.

It has been published on the website of “The Signs” for one year.

Kansai paint Group will continue to support the development of people and society through the technologies and products cultivated in the paint business, including lime plaster paint, and mosquito repellent paints