Continue Creating Sustainable Value in Our Lives

The work of Kansai Paint involves more than just coloring things in.
It has to do with not only choosing beautiful colors, but also with continuously resolving the various issues and desires that occur in everyday life.
It also has to do with continuously creating lasting value.
The spirit of "Designed to last" lies at the root of our work.
In KANSAI PAINT INCREDIBLE, we will use case studies to explain the values of our work that cannot be understood by simply taking a single look.


Kansai Paint supports the development of people and society through paint business,
with our long-standing knowledge, studies, experiences and pride.

Kobe City, Hyogo Pref.

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Pref.

Odawara City, Kanagawa Pref.

TOKYO TOWER, Tokyo Pref.


HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

This is the "HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel," which is one of the representative landmarks of Umeda, Osaka. HEP FIVE is a shopping complex housing the world's first building-integrated Ferris wheel. Our paint is used for this "red Ferris wheel," a symbol of the building.

JR Osaka Station

"JR Osaka Station" is the largest terminal in West Japan. The station was renewed in 2011. The huge dome roof extends around 100 meters from north to south, and it produces a spacial panorama with spaciousness. Our paint is used on the steel frame of the station dome roof.

Panasonic Stadium Suita

At "Panasonic Stadium Suita" in Suita, Osaka, a crowd of soccer fans gathers. The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 people, and it holds wonderfully exciting games. Our paint is used for this enormous stadium.

Kansai International Airport

"Kansai International Airport" provides one of the largest networks for both international and domestic routes. Airports constantly operate, and the facilities do not have much of a an opportunity for repairs. Therefore, the airport needs paint that can continuously protect its buildings for a long time. Our paint is adopted here, the gateway of Japan to the skies.

Tokyo Tower

"Tokyo Tower" is one of the landmarks of Tokyo, and its impressive red color shows us a beautiful contrast against the blue sky. While the tower plays its role as a radio tower, many people still visit there as a sightseeing spot. People love Tokyo Tower as a symbol of Tokyo, and for such a place, our paint is used.

Haneda Airport Terminal3

"Haneda Airport Terminal3" is the gateway of Tokyo to the skies. The demand for aircraft is continuously increasing as globalization accelerates. At the airport facility that constantly operates, paint is vital for continuously protecting buildings for a long time. Our paint is used at this representative place of Japanese gateway to the skies.

Kyoto Tower

"Kyoto Tower" is the landmark of Kyoto which is the good old city. Kyoto Tower was made out of the image of a lighthouse which shines on the landlocked city of Kyoto. It has been gently watching over the citizens and the visitors. Our paint is used for the symbol of Kyoto, which changes its appearance through the four seasons.

Tedako-Uranishi Station

The "Tedako-Uranishi Station" is one of stations of the Yui Rail, an important traffic network in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. People can move safely by monorail without being affected by traffic jams. Therefore, it is one of important infrastructures. Our paint is used for the terminal station that connects the Naha Airport, the gateway to Okinawa, with people and cities.

JR Sapporo Station

The "JR Sapporo Station" is located at the center of Sapporo city, Hokkaido. It is also the transportation hub in Hokkaido. "JR Tower," the station building, was born in 2003, related to the redevelopment business of the area around the station. Nowadays, it is a popular spot as a shopping complex. Our paint is also used for the station that many people use.


Since it is difficult to repair dome facilities frequently, the paint needs to withstand long-term use after its construction, and to have a long maintenance cycle with high reliability. Our paint is used for many of the roof steel frames of the vast dome with a maximum capacity of 55,000.


FUKUOKA PayPay Dome" was renamed in February 2020. It is an all-weather dome and has a capacity of 40,178. The venue is used for various events, such as baseball games, concerts, and exhibitions. Our paint is used on the steel frames of Japan's first openable roof with a diameter of about 212 meters.