Seven Stars in Kyusyu

Have a Great Train Trip in the Elegant Atmosphere - Cruise Train Travels Around Kyushu

"Cruise Train Seven Stars in Kyushu" is operated by JR Kyushu, and it is a luxury sleeper train of the highest grade in Japan. Our paint is used for the train.
Seven Stars connects the seven prefectures in the Kyushu area, and it is the first cruise train that you can enjoy the charm of Kyushu adorned with rich nature, food, culture, and history, in the sophisticated place.
The color of the cars is deep royal wine red, and the gold emblems stand out in contrast to the color. It is suitable for the luxury trip.
We were able to achieve the beautiful coating, thanks to our advanced technology and philosophy.

Replicated "The Ancient Lacquer Color" to Strive for the Unrivaled Car Coating

The royal wine red color of Seven Stars' cars is also called "the ancient lacquer color," and it has high-qualified deepness and dignity. To replicate the characteristics of "the ancient lacquer color" with its deepness, we used two types of paint for the color base, black and pearl. We made it so that it will glow in a beautiful royal wine red with depth, when light falls on the color.
Moreover, we used hard, anti-scratch coating as the finishing coating for the Seven Stars. This is because the train travels through mountains with full of greenery. By polishing the hard clear coating, which is not an easy process, we achieved the crystal-like mirror finishing which even reflects the scenery.
Our paint is used not only for the bodies of the cars, but also inside the cars.
The paint contributes to arranging the luxury train trip, with the calm, comfort coloring and the various capabilities, such as humidity control and deodorant.