Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

With The Times, Stands in TOKYO

Actually, "Kansai Paint" has had a strong connection with "Tokyo Tower" for over 60 years.

Since its construction in 1958, Tokyo Tower has watched over the changing of the eras, the Showa, the Heisei, and the Reiwa era, from the high economic growth period until today.
The tower stands in the cityscape which always evolves. As the scarlet symbol which is rooted in TOKYO, it has the same form, same color, and the same presence from the past.The anti-corrosive paint of Kansai Paint has supported this condition.

"International Orange" Is the Color Which Everyone Imagines for Tokyo Tower

The red color of Tokyo Tower, which everyone imagines, is officially called "International Orange." It is obligated by the Civil Aeronautics Act. The part above the main deck is colored in International Orange and white in seven parts, which is also obligated by the law.
For many years, we have provided this "International Orange" color, and we contribute to keeping the universal appearance of Tokyo Tower, which everyone imagines.
The repaint of Tokyo Tower is implemented regularly. The task can be a great goal which not only the paint makers but also the painting contractors are involved in with pride.
This is because the task is not just maintenance of a structure, but maintenance of the symbol of all people who live in this country.

Has Been, and Will Be, a Symbol of Japan

Over the years, the tower has been repainted in a bright color again and again. It highlights the beauty as a structure and gives a dignified appearance.
Through the keep of this color and the protection with the technology of anti-corrosive paint, Kansai Paint has protected this symbol — to definitely show you the best Tokyo Tower when you look up, even in the era of hardship.
Kansai paint has continuously supported the repaint and repair painting. Including us, with the hearts and effort of all people who involved with the maintenance, Tokyo Tower will continue to be something special.