Donation of "anti-virus partition". To support infection control at COVID-19 vaccination site

July 30, 2021 | Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Contribution to a comfortable and secure life

As the vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine progresses, it is required to take measures against infection at the vaccination site where an unspecified number of people assemble. Under such circumstances, in order to provide a safe environment for people who vaccinated and medical staffs, we donated 50 sheets of our “anti-virus partition” to The Kamata Medical Association in Ota-ku, Tokyo, where our Tokyo office is located.

The partition donated this time is a product that utilizes plaster (slaked lime), a natural material that has been re-evaluated for its various functions such as antibacterial, antiviral, and deodorant. In order to provide a safe living environment for our customers, we have focused on the effectiveness of plaster and conducted many years of demonstration experiments in collaboration with Nagasaki University and other research institutes on our unique technology and the anti-virus effect of plaster paint. We confirmed that when COVID-19 virus comes into contact with the plaster coating film, the infectivity is reduced by 99.9% or more in just 5 minutes in last year.

A sheet coated with this plaster paint is attached to our partition, and the mechanism is similar to that used experimentally in the state-of-the-art infection control care unit by medical institutions.
This partition is also made of light and durable honeycomb cardboard. Easy to assemble and dispose of.
We will continue to provide anti-virus products to vaccination sites and medical sites, and support to reduce the anxiety of infection as much as possible.

  • Ceremony with The Kamata Medical Association (Ota-ku, Tokyo)
    Ceremony with The Kamata Medical Association (Ota-ku, Tokyo)
  • Anti-virus partition
    Anti-virus partition
  • Letter of appreciation from The Kamata Medical Association
    Letter of appreciation from The Kamata Medical Association