Reduction in Environmental Impact

Policy and Basic Approach

As an enterprise that uses chemicals in its businesses, the Kansai Paint Group strives to reduce waste and use of harmful chemical substances to minimize environmental impact.
Aiming for a better balance between resource and economic cycles, we are promoting waste reduction activities including stronger monitoring of recycling and reuse rates while also striving to prevent air pollution through monitoring of SOx, NOx, and soot emissions.

Structure & System

The management of chemical substances is closely interwoven with responsible care and sustainability efforts. Under the Sustainability Promotion Committee, the Chemicals Management Committee and the Safety Management Committee continue their respective activities to minimize environmental impact.
A key endeavor has been the pursuit of ISO 14001 certification for all our production facilities, reflecting our commitment to ongoing enhancements. ISO 14001 certification has been obtained by 76.1% of our Group’s production facilities.


Chemical Substance Management Flow

As a company committed to reduction of environmental load, we adopt appropriate handling methods and designate prohibited substances whose use is restricted due to the risk, in consideration of the hazards and harmfulness of chemical substances, in order to ensure the safety and health of our customers, Group companies, and employees who handle products and raw materials on-site. We have established a system to ensure proper use of individual raw materials. This includes creating a raw material sample manual in our company format, and checking whether or not prohibited and/or restricted substances are included based on SDS information. Also, we work to create systems in which we conduct risk assessments required by the Industrial Safety and Health Act for safe handling when we start handling new raw materials or change the handling of existing raw materials.

Chemical Substance Management Flow