Policy and Basic Approach

Water resources are essential to coatings production processes, which use water as a raw material for water-based coatings and in applications such as cooling synthetic resin production equipment and washing manufacturing equipment.

We recognize that water withdrawal and water discharge management are important to our stakeholders and have a large impact on Kansai Paint itself, and as part of our materiality of "Enhancement of achieving resource and economic circulation," we promote cyclical water use.
Our key performance indicators (KPIs) to be achieved in 2030 include a water use reduction of 20% (vs. 2021). We will contribute to conservation of water resources through reducing water use and putting water resources to more efficient utilization.

Structure & System

The Kansai Paint Group has established the Sustainability Promotion Committee under the Corporate Governance Committee to oversee the improvement of corporate value from a non-financial perspective and make prompt decisions. The Sustainability Development Department, a standing organization, revises plans, while the Sustainability Promotion Department collaborates with other departments to execute inventive yet feasible measures. They work together with business units to improve corporate value over the long term. Going forward, we will continue to steadily promote sustainability initiatives within a framework aligned with our new management policies.


Water Stress Assessment

We used water risk assessment tools such as the World Resources Institute’s Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s Water Risk Filter, the National Institute for Environmental Studies’ H08 impact model, and the WBCSD India water tool to assess the water risk at all Group facilities.
Notably, certain production sites in India and Turkey are situated in regions facing severe water stress. At sites in these areas, we have been promoting measures such as the use of recycled water, yielding positive outcomes.

Initiatives to Reduce Water Withdrawal

Kansai Paint uses water as the raw material in products as well as for cooling equipment, and cleaning. As the demand for water-based paint increases in response to environmental concerns, the amount of water used also tends to increase. As part of our efforts to achieve our KPI related to water withdrawal, our production plants in India, located in water-stressed areas, have proactively embraced the use of recycled water. These plants have adopted a Zero Liquid Discharge design as a standard practice.