Policy and Basic Approach

Respect is clearly stated in our Corporate Philosophy, and our Behavioral Drivers clearly state, “We will respect the fundamental human rights of the people we come into contact with in all situations” and “We will not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, creed, religion, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, social status, place of birth, disease, disability, or any other characteristic.” As such, we will respect diverse cultures and individuality to create a place where everyone can learn from one another with mutual respect, so that all employees may lead fulfilling lives in which they are free to be themselves. In such an environment, we aim to contribute to the development of a sustainable society in which the company can grow together with society to increase corporate value by having each and every employee demonstrate their individuality and abilities to the full.

Structure & System

The Kansai Paint Group has established the Sustainability Promotion Committee under the Corporate Governance Committee to oversee the improvement of corporate value from a non-financial perspective and make prompt decisions. The Sustainability Development Department, a standing organization, revises plans, while the Sustainability Promotion Department collaborates with other departments to execute inventive yet feasible measures. They work together with business units to improve corporate value over the long term.


Promoting the role of women in the workplace Eruboshi (Level Two) certification

Kansai Paint seeks to be a company that continues to create new value and competitive strengths by flexibly and dynamically adapting to rapidly changing business environments, drawing on our diverse human resources, to whom we provide maximum opportunities to demonstrate their abilities. As part of these efforts, we have adopted programs to help motivated women balance child-rearing and careers (including interviews before maternity leave and returning from childcare leave and women's career leadership training). On May 30, 2023, due in part to these activities, we earned Eruboshi (Level Two) certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan as a company making outstanding efforts to promote the role of women in the workplace under the Act on the Promotion of Women's Active Engagement in Professional Life.

Supporting the career development of human talent working in different environments

Since FY2021, a “comeback system” has been in place that enables the rehiring of employees who have left the company due to marriage, pregnancy, childcare, nursing care, spouse transfer, or any other reason approved by the company. The system helps those employees whose career was interrupted temporarily take their first step toward rebuilding their careers.
Moreover, we will promote the development of an environment in which more diverse people with various talents are respected and can play an active role, regardless of their attributes, by balancing medical treatment and nursing care with work, promoting diversity including LGBTQ and so on.